Daily ToYoTA: Bill Maher on France

I don’t plan to have this blog devolve into nothing more than daily YouTube clips. But when time or circumstances or mood preclude me from writing anything, I’m still going to stick with this daily exercise for now, because I kinda need the daily amusement…

This is from a New Rules segment from a May ’07 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. I’ve been catching up the iPod audio podcasts lately. Real Time is one of the best shows on television…


Daily ToYoTA: Bob Barker: “Now you’ve had enough…bitch”

I spent far too much time over the weekend browsing clips from The Price Is Right in an attempt to find a worthy post to honor Bob Barker’s retirement. (There’s a whole army of people who like to post TPIR clips). I actually do want to keep up with this daily video post, even though I’m come to decide that the name is pretty stupid. So I’ll post two Bob Barker clips to make up for getting behind.

The first one is from Bob’s primetime send-off from May, in which Adam Sandler makes a surprise appearance. I’m not an Adam Sandler fan, and I didn’t even find his “Ode to Bob Barker” particularly funny, but I think Adam Sandler showing up symbolizes how Barker has appealed to every generation. (I am one of the very few people, I think, who actually liked “Punch-Drunk Love”).