Celebrating Internet Explorer goodness with a YouTube Amusement

Thanks to some great advice from one who shares her name with the “celebrity” in the video below, IE devotees can now see this site close to how I intended it to be seen, particularly all this crap from YouTube I keep copying.

Nothing says “celebration time” like a big win on the 100K Pyramid, which aired at a time when you had to be really good at something to win a lot of money on TV and not just some greedy schmuck who’s lucky enough to pick the right briefcase.

For the benefit of The Google, if you’ve got a page that displays fine in Firefox but badly in IE, it might be because you’re stuck in last millennium and using to many margin attributes when padding attributes will suffice, and the margin attributes are being rendered differently in different browsers.

Daily ToYoTA: I’m Betty White, *****

It’s been over six months since I posted one of these. Granted, not the funniest thing in the world (it’s not Monty Python after all), but it cracked me up. Found this after receiving a rare legitimate MySpace email. It was not from Betty White, although Betty is one of my MySpace friends.

Blog needs a laugh…

Daily ToYoTA: Adrienne Barbeau plays Pyramid

For the purposes of self-promotion (a lot of visitors have arrived here via the Markie Post post) and injecting some much-needed amusement back into Toastiest, I present another glorious game show moment featuring a beloved C-list star from the 70s and 80s, Adrienne Barbeau (Maude, Swamp Thing, Back to School, Carnivàle, and, apparently, the forthcoming Halloween remake).

UPDATE (8/17/07): Shucks, someone doesn’t want to let anyone pirate Adrienne Barbeau clips on Pyramid, so the YouTube clip is gone. This requires drastic action…

UPDATE (9/22/07):
[Ok, my embedded copy isn’t working so well…]

UPDATE (10/22/07):