The good thing about being on prednisone

I can do two-and-a-half hours of yard work and not feel tired.

The bad thing about being on prednisone is that my body is not at all conditioned to do two-and-a-half hours of yard work. This is going to hurt quite a bit.

If anyone is going as Marj the Trash Heap for Halloween, I’ve got lots of yard waste.


April flowers

Oh, it’s May already. Oh, well. I’m behind on posting pictures from April. And I’m posting pictures of the overgrowth of stuff in my yard because it’s small consolation that nice-looking stuff grows in my yard, even if I lack the energy/ability/know-how/resources to make it look neat and clean and presentable. But I live in a gritty, urban, neighborhood, so that’s ok. No, not really, because other folks have managed to figure out how to maintain a yard.

Anyway, I’m proudest of the runaway Scotch broom, because I actually bought and planted that when it was small, and it’s something I don’t see anywhere else. (Yeah, I’m sure it’s not a native plant; I should care about such things more than I do.) The Scotch broom blooms for just a couple of weeks in April. It emit a sweet fragrance, and it’s lovely…and then the blooms fall off, and it’s just a big broom from May until March.

Bungalow 2011.04.14 3Scotch Broom 2011 7
Bungalow 2011.04.14 4Scotch Broom 2011 2
Scotch Broom 2011 4Scotch Broom 2011
Scotch Broom 2011 3