Stupid question

I normally don’t want to touch the abortion issue, but just a stupid question.

Scott Roeder, the suspect in the killing of Dr. George Tiller, has told the AP:

I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal.

What’s the difference between this statement and the ridiculous “ticking bomb” scenario that right-wing zealots claim as the rationale for torture? Should we not be water-boarding Mr. Roeder right now in order to get valuable information from him that would prevent imminent terrorist attacks and murder?

Daily Bushism

I’ve got this Bushism-a-day calendar, and there have certainly been a good number of asinine quotes worthy of sharing here, but I’ve held off. Many of them are just instances of Bush misspeaking, which, while humorous, do not fully represent the nightmare of a president that he is.

Here’s a classic, back when Bush’s popularity was around 90% (and I was among the 10% who, I suppose, must have supported the terr-ists, since I didn’t support our president):

George W. Bush, October 4, 2001:

We need to counter the shock wave of the evildoer by having individual rate cuts accelerated and by thinking about tax rebates.

This essentially summarizes what Bush has asked of us as Americans in the War on Terror, to enjoy our tax cuts.

Drop this “war on terror” bullshit

CNN’s current QuickVote:
“Which country do you trust more as an ally in the war on terror?”

They don’t even capitalize “war on terror”, because they know it’s not a real war. It’s been said time and time again since 9/11, that you can’t have a war on a tactic, but it’s never been said by anyone with strong political or military visibility. It’s so idiotic. Let’s just call it was it is, a war on Islamic extremism. It’s a war on the religious belief that killing yourself for Allah will bring you eternal glory. It’s not even a war on a tactic. We don’t have a strategy to fight the tactic of attempting to randomly mass-murder innocent people. Even if we did, what we’d essentially have is a war on mass-murder. And why is a random murder worse than a targeted killing? We might as well have a global war on murder.

Ah, but we do have a global war on murder. It takes its form on the fairly universal principle that murder is a crime with harsh punishment. That’s why John Kerry, to his political detriment, called the war on terror something that needed to be fought through law enforcement.

I’m just being completely honest here. You’re a traitor today to say that the war on terror is bullshit. But I think that it is. I’m not saying all of our military endeavors are pointless. We should be pursuing terrorists who wish us harm. But let’s be honest and call the pursuit what it is, a war on violent Islamic extremists.

Bush to U.N.: “I’ve gotten perty good about readin’ these speeches”

So Bush and his speechwriters just spouted a bunch of bullshit to the U.N. today that was clearly meant to appeal to ignorant Americans who, like Bush, view the world as black and white.

Choose between freedom or extremism: Will we support the moderates and reformers who are working for change across the Middle East, or will we yield the future to the terrorists and extremists?
Just a more sophisticated version of “you’re either with us or against us”. A lot of people in the Middle East have freely chosen extremism (evidenced by the Palestinian and Lebanese elections).

Bush said people who have hope for a future “are less likely to blow themselves up in suicide attacks”.
It is simply not true that “suiciders” are poor, hopeless people. They are often well-educated, middle-class people who just happen to believe absolutely in their faith, which says they will be eternally rewarded for blowing themselves up (according to their interpretation).

And peace between Palestinians and Israelis “is one of the great objectives of my presidency,” Bush said.
Huh? Since when? Does that rank before or after trashing social security and rushing back from a vaction in Crawford to try to keep Terri Schiavo alive?


9:15AM – There’s still no idea to the CNN anchors what is going on in the big picture, other than an NTSB official saying it doesn’t look like an accident.

9:16AM – President Bush has been informed.

9:19AM – FBI: “Possible foul play”. Then, a mention of a possible “terrorist attack”.

9:26AM – AP: “This appears to be an act of terrorism”.

9:30AM – Bush: Use all resources of the federal government to “hunt down those responsible”. Five years later…120,000 troops in Iraq. How many are in Pakistan hunting down bin Laden?

9:34AM – CNN uses “Breaking News” banner, back when “breaking news” meant something. Now, Paris Hilton getting arrested counts as breaking news.

9:36AM – First appearance by Aaron Brown. I miss Aaron Brown.

9:42AM – “Significant fire” at the Pentagon.

9:59AM – South Tower collapses…now the eerie half-hour during which there’s only one WTC tower.

10:28AM – North Tower collapses…


8:59AM – Three minutes until the world realizes that a terrorist attack is underway. It’s amazing to witness history unfold like this…

9:02AM – Oh my goodness…I just saw the second plane fly in, and it’s taking the WABC anchor a couple of minutes to figure out that the second explosion was caused by a second plane. He’s still calling the first plane crash an accident. I guess it wasn’t obvious to the local ABC affiliate that a terrorist attack was underway.

9:06AM – They still don’t even realize that a large plane hit the first tower. And now they realize that a second plane hit. The anchor speculates that a navigatation system might have failed.

9:07AM – “Perhaps a navigation system has gone awry”.

9:09AM – “A missile attack on these buildings?”