Exhibit A why I boycott restaurants that air Fox News

I really do, like the McDonalds on Morgan Street. The service is horrendous, and it’s a McDonalds, so those are two reasons to avoid it, but they also show Faux News.

Fox talkers gang up on Edwards, dead girl’s family to defend insurance company

Megyn Kelly - pure evil?Meagyn Kelly, not only are you pure evil, but you apparently need either some better corrective lenses or literacy lessons, since you seem to be having trouble with the cue cards.

Mercedes Colwin (Esquire)And this is Fox News’ legal eagle Mercedes Colwin. No comment, other than that I think this was what Samantha Bee was talking about.

Michael Moore vs. Wolf Blitzer

I saw Sicko last week, and I highly recommend it. Does Moore cherry-pick when he visits England and France and Canada to find positive healthcare stories? Maybe. Could you find testaments to long lines and occasions when those systems of socialized medicine failed people. Probably. I’m not going to argue about it.

Nor am I going to analyze this video of Michael Moore’s recent live appearance on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. But I will embed here for your viewing pleasure.


A Joe Scarborough highlight?

Joe Scarborough is one of the more palatable conservative talk-show hosts. (Is palatable conservative talk-show host an oxymoron?) But the star of this clip from today’s post-Imus MSNBC morning show is actually newsreader Mika Brzezinski. Her disdain for a lead story on Paris Hilton appears to be sincere. It any event, it makes for some captivating television…


Kudos to Fox News! Seriously…

Kudos to Fox News, because they (Your World with Neil Cavuto) gave venerable Dan Rather eight minutes to elaborate on how he feels about the state of televisions news. Rather had been hammered by CBS honcho Les Moonves for saying that CBS had “tarted up” the Evening News. Rather makes the point several times that his comment had nothing to do with Katie Couric’s gender. This gives me the chance to dig up a draft entry I wrote up a few weeks ago, which I was intending to title “CBS Evening Snooze with Katie Couric”. But I had decided that no one cares about the state of the CBS Evening News. I’ll stick that in here after the video clip. And, yes, I’m well aware of the irony of Fox News airing a discussion of how the line between news and entertainment has been blurred; but give them credit where credit is due.

(from the Friday before Memorial Day)

Hmm…I’ll check out the evening news, one of the network news shows, maybe the one with Katie Couric that’s getting such lousy ratings.

Lead story: (paraphrasing) “Word that there’s a vehicle that could save countless American lives in Iraq” (MRAPs)

Gee, sounds like this is breaking news. Too bad I heard about this on NPR a few months ago.

6:37 “And they’re off!” Katie says to introduce Memorial Day travel

Interviewing a guy from the FAA to explain who it might be cheaper to fly than to drive. What a waste.
Couldn’t they just recycle this story from Christmas? Or Thanksgiving? Or Memorial Day 2006? 2003?

6:40 “Pain at the Pump”
Middle-America woman trades in SUV fro Crossover vehicle. Ooh! SUV sales have dropped 17% from 2004 to 2007. Compact cars up 12%. My reaction: that’s it? That’s it? It should be 50%.
The cost of milk is going up! oh no!
“…there’s no escaping…the pain…at the pump. Byron Pitts reporting…
Geez, what a clever wrapper for your report.

I can’t stand it any longer. To think that anyone might use the evening news broadcast as their primary source of information is appalling.

Katrina anniversary

I’m watching Brian Williams on NBC reporting on Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans. Having abandoned network news years ago, I didn’t realize how remarkable Williams’s reporting was. I have some newfound respect for him. Powerful stuff. And another reminder of the ignorance and/or indifference of George W. Bush. “Brownie, you’re doin’ a helluva job!” Bush could be right about democratizing the Middle East, cutting taxes on the wealthy, and restricting stem cell research…I don’t think he is, but let’s just suppose he is…when he spoke about Katrina a year ago, you could see into his heart and how well he understood what had gone on in New Orleans. I am completely convinced he could neither comprehend nor nor feel empathy regarding the devastation. It is sickening that he is our President, and that so many, to this day, can defend his bullshit.

(TVNewser post on Williams)

Fox News slammed by journalists

Two Jordanian television news producers who had freelanced for the Fox News Channel for several years have declared that they will no longer do any work for FNC, sending the following letter:

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006

Dear All,

We would like to announce our resignation from Fox News in Amman. Although we never actually worked for your organization, we helped for the past three years in facilitating your work in the Middle East.

We base our decision on moral issues. We can no longer work with a news organization that claims to be fair and balanced when you are so far from that. Not only are you an instrument of the Bush White House, and Israeli propaganda, you are war mongers with no sense of decency, nor professionalism. You have crossed all borders and red lines. An Arab mother cries over the death of her child very much like an American and Israeli mother.

Arab blood is not cheap, and we are not barbarians. You ought to be more responsible and have more decency when you take one side against the other. You have a role to play and a responsibility to shoulder for the sake of your very naive viewers.

Throughout the three years we worked with you, and helped you, we thought you would develop a degree of respect to people in this part of the world. But the disdain and blatant one-sided coverage of all Mideast conflicts only highlights your total lack of humanity and bias toward Israel. Your lack of professionalism has made you a tool of ridicule throughout the world. Your inexperienced anchors with their racist comments are not only a shameful scar on the American Media, they simply represent state run Television networks in countries you despise in the Middle East.

Finally, our decision again is based on moral and professional basis and from now on we will no longer help in any Fox related matters.

Serene Sabbagh

Jomana Karadsheh

I hadn’t realized that Fox News was even on the radar outside of the U.S. Apparently it is, and it’s got about as sterling a reputation as Bush has.

Hope for us?

Richard Clarke was just on The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart spent about ten minutes with him as opposed to the usual five, and I’m thinking that if The Daily Show is beating out the network nightly newscasts in the ratings, then it is wonderful that Richard Clarke, one of the very few bureaucrats one could ever really admire, could tell his side of things to all the young folk out there whose opinions of the world are shaped in part by The Daily Show. Very long run-on sentence. Bad news–to be fair, I suppose, Jon Stewart will have Bush tutor Karen Hughes on the next show. She’ll probably be as articulate as Richard Clarke, and I’ll be too biased to appreciate it if her arguments are at all convincing. In any event, I love The Daily Show and its mere presence on the airwaves gives some optimism regarding the future of this country. Anyway…I don’t feel the same way about Colin Quinn’s Tough Crowd; it’s terribly grating; I miss Politically Incorrect and don’t get HBO so I don’t see Bill Maher’s weekly talk show. Eek…Kennedy is one of the guests. Must change channel…