Toastie Radio Forever

It’s been three years since I pulled the plug on Toastie Radio. Toastie Radio represented a labor of love that was THE big thing I had hoped to do on the internet. It was Shoutcast broadcast of an MP3 playlist I constantly tweaked. The “love songs and more” tagline referred to my collection of schmaltz soft rock and the occasional eclectic non-conforming track that I was proud of myself for discovering. At its peak, I’d have 40-50 concurrent listeners around the world. I’d get guestbook signings and, later, blog comments validating the music as something that appealed to others on this planet other than myself.

Anyway, that’s my brief history of Toastie Radio.

I am happy to declare that I have tweaked my Pandora station Toastie Radio Forever to the point to recommend that everyone put it on their station list. Not that I get anything out of that. But I just wanted to declare that its there.

Crouton du Jour No. 48

Have I used this one already? I don’t know. I should make a list, so I can keep track, and because I’m sure so many people would want to see this list, like they’d want to see a list of all 200 mixes I’ve made, 1990-present, with lists of every song. Because all those lists and stats I kept for Toastie Radio were so popular, which is why Toastie Radio is now defunct. (Well, maybe iPods and Pandora are why Toastie Radio is defunct. The point is, Toastie Radio was a failure and does not exist anymore). Ramble, ramble…here’s today’s Crouton du Jour

Toastie Radio: Year 7: Embrace the Schmaltz

I nearly pulled the log on Toastie Radio after six years of working on a hobby that, in the age of instant on-demand music in a variety of forms, has been becoming increasingly irrelevant for sometime.

Embrace the schmaltzI’ve gone through lots of iterations of intent regarding TR. At first, it was just for me, so I can listen to my MP3s from home while at work without actually bringing any media to work. Then, it was nice to know that a couple of others were listening, which turned into a dozen others, which turned into occasionally several dozens others around the world at any given time. I increased the bitrate, broadcasting became more pricey, I never quite achieved most of the technical projects I had hoped to, nor did I ever get in the habit of consistently introducing new music to the playlist. I had all sorts of gimmicks, like something called the “Crouton du Jour,” a song that wound up being featured a good deal in the playlist over the period of, not a day, but what would turn out to be a few days or a few weeks. By the time I finally found a way to have songs rated, a geeky goal I had long had, most of the listeners were actually stream-rippers from Europe. This was a bit disheartening. I never expected that Toastie Radio would catch on with too many people, but the effort didn’t seem worth it after six years.

Oh, and I fell out of love with a lot of the schmaltz I had once loved. So I wasn’t even listening anymore.

However, I’ve recently decided that I want to embrace the schmaltz. So Toastie Radio lives. And it will play stuff I like, period.

A little something for the feed readers that normally doesn’t show up in the feed:

Now playing on Toastie Radio