Rich Dad Creepy Dad

I’ve been seeing a lot of these ads on Facebook for what I presume is some sort of men’s financial empowerment seminar series, because, I suppose, men are one of the main demographics that is hurting in this economy. I don’t know anything about it, honestly. You can google and tell me. I’m busy playing Mafia Wars (which is where I keep seeing the ads).

Anyway, here’s the typical ad I’ve been seeing.

And now here’s another ad for the same event, targeted to the especially classy Duke alumni demographic:

I guess you get to these seminars so you can find out how you can make lots of money so you can give stuff to your “daughter”?

Wookin’ Pa Nub In All Da Wong Paces

Silly Facebook ads…


Something in this ad is over thirty…

UPDATE Lacking any substantial content on this site that’s not a blog entry, other than my About page, I’ve decided to start a page dedicated to sharing the silliest Facebook ads that I’ve found. Because that’s quality content. Of all the ideas for web pages to create, this is the best one I can come up with. I’ve got three examples of silly ads so far…