Top 8 things Toastiest visitors are searching for

I was curious how people who don’t know me stumble upon this site (and probably never return). I’m more amused by the appearance of non-kidney topics.

(List for the year 2011 so far; does not include terms that include variations of ‘toastie’.)

8. charles nelson reilly

7. <img width="175px" style="float:right; padding-left:20px;" src=""days of our lives aremid storyline

6. headline

5. healthy kidneys

4. dish network sucks

3. victor kiriakis

2. thirty something

1. av fistula

Flickr stats

It’s been three years since I went through the geeky exercise of looking at my top-viewed Flickr pics. (There may be a more-recent post that exists as a draft that I didn’t bother to complete).

Top 15 Viewed [# views (prev) (% increase)]

1. Rest Stop Cats (5)Rest Stop Cats 5 — 1610 views (1) (+6.7% since March 2007)
2. baby changing signbaby changing sign — 1539 (NR) (new since March 2007)
3. Duke girls partyingDuke girls partying — 947 (4) (557.6%)
4. Hermans very pretty marbled mouthHerman’s very marbled mouth — 520 (NR) (new)
5. infinite flickr #333 Infinite Flickr #333 — 381 (3) (16.8%)
6. 26 Ben Franklins26 Ben Franklins — 268 (NR) (unk)
7. Wendy's BaconatorWendy’s Baconator — 267 (NR) (unk)
8. Look at meLook at me — 264 (NR) (unk)
9. 15 reams of paper15 reams of paper — 255 (NR) (unk)
10. Sun in Herman's faceSun in Herman’s face — 243 (NR) (unk)
11. Herman in a parking lot 2Herman in parking lot 2 — 240 (NR) (unk)
12. West Campus Quads from atop Duke ChapelWest Campus Quads from atop Duke Chapel — 223 (NR) (new)
13. A very silly cat faceA very silly cat face — 222 (8) (141.3%)
14. Herman pillowHerman Pillow — 191 (5) (49.2%)
15. American Tobacco - 08061American Tobacco — 190 (NR) (new)
(tie) Kauai SunsetKauai Sunset — 190 (8) (106.5%)


Facebook’s Scrabble app (called Scrabulous) is my newest game addiction. I had been addicted to an “official” online Scrabble game a couple of years ago until I read Stefan Fatsis’s Word Freak and determined I had no desire to memorize an official Scrabble dictionary in order to elevate my game to a truly competitive level. I had played Yahoo’s imitation for awhile. I forget what it’s called. It has different point values and score bonuses. Now I’m playing Scrabulous, and I got more than I bargained for.

So Scrabulous isn’t intended to move quickly whereby you’ll sit down a finish off a game with someone in an hour. You could, conceivably, but there is not real-time posting of moves (you need to enable either a game or browser window refresh), nor is there a clock option. It’s normal, I’ve found, to have several games going on at once, and they can take days or weeks or longer to complete, presumably. I made one request to find an opponent to play a game (as opposed to answering a request). I don’t know how the request function is supposed to work, but I thought I was putting out a request for one opponent that would be open for 15 minutes. But before I knew it, I had 15 games started with 15 different people. And then I had 20, then 30, then 40 games! I eventually found a way to withdraw the request, probably well after that 15-minute mark, and I had 63 games going on in which I was expected to make a move!

As of now, I have yet to make my move on about half of these. A couple of people canceled the games, but I guess most people are used to having so many games going on that I don’t particularly mind waiting for me.

I don’t user any “cheat” software or web pages. I just want to see how well my brain as-is can do. I would’ve never though in a million years to come up with OXYPHENBUTAZONE for 1778 points.

My stats at the moment (I’ll mark ’em down now so I can see if I improve over time):

Rating Playing Completed Won Lost Drawn Best Bingo
1371 49 3 3 0 0 UNSWoRE for 93 points.

My Bingos (I like hotties, apparently, and I’ve learned that unswore is a word)
Date Word Score
15-Dec-07 HOTTIES 73
14-Dec-07 UNSWoRE 93
14-Dec-07 STORIED 72
14-Dec-07 TACkLERS 68
14-Dec-07 hOTTIES 64
14-Dec-07 TASTIER 70

Decline of Toastiest

Between my lack of posts, the lack of referrals from the now-defunct Bullshat blog, and the very real and understandable possibility that I’ve simply lost readers, Toastiest’s hits are down.

Unique visitors per day

February 8.6
March 9.6
April 10.1
May 30.4
June 31.8
July 22.0

Feedburner stats
I’ve gone from a peak of 15 subscribers down to 8.
Feed subscribers over past 30 days


I’m feeling the queasiness of embarrassment right now as it sinks in that there actually are more than three people reading this. I know that one of the purposes of public blogging–perhaps thee point of public blogging–is to share thoughts with other people. In many cases, the thoughts are on specific topics of importance to a particular population. In my case, there is no rhyme or reason to what gets put here. Nevertheless, there are at least three people reading this. If I am to assume that more than 2% of the unique visitors I have are not spam-bots and webcrawlers, there are significantly more than three people reading this.

Anyway, this is all just hit me when I saw that Barry Ragin had linked to my recent post regarding polycystic kidney disease. I wanted to raise awareness, and Barry has helped me do just that. (Thanks, Barry!) So I should feel good about this development, but I also feel suddenly quite exposed. It’s odd…I seem to have little problem expressing hateful, intolerant, and generally misanthropic thoughts, but when it comes to saying, “I have this disease,” I am overcome with embarrassment. Odd, indeed.

February(starting 2/11/07) 154
March 298
April 302
May(as of this post) 649

Tracking the Republicans

I don’t know why I bother blogging about the Republicans. I think I just want Ron Paul to get some love. Those Republicans, who represent all the colors of the rainbow, “from eggshell to ivory” (Stephen Colbert), will be debating in South Carolina tonight, although I’m not sure what channel even has that on tonight.

I’ve started this spreadsheet to track how the online polls are ratings these guys. I’ve just looked at the MSNBC polls so far, and, as I said before, it’s clear that Ron Paul won the first debate handily. He was the only one whose positives outweighed his negatives. Prior to debate #1, only Giuliani had that distinction. The poll headed into debate #2 gives no one a good positive rating. That can’t bode well for the Republicans’ chances in 2008.

UPDATE – During the last debate, most of the candides fell over themselves to praise Ronald Reagan. I’m wondering how many will invoke Jerry Falwell tonight?

“Reverend Falwell was a great man”
– Senator John McCain (5/15/2007)

Sorry, Senator, but I think this belief alone disqualifies you from the office you seek, unless I failed to hear the word “big” between “great” and “man”.

Flickr stats

I haven’t posted many new Flickr photos lately, but I’m in the mood to check out my Flickr stats… (last updated on 3/7/07)

05/04/07 — Photos: 1541 | Views: 8225 | Sets: 54
03/07/07 — Photos: 1516 | Views: 7212 | Sets: 39
01/09/07 — Photos: 1475 | Views: 5327 | Sets: 36
09/10/06 — Photos: 1382 | Views: 2629 | Sets: 32
07/26/06 — Photos: 1015 | Views: 893 | Sets: 14

Top 10 Viewed
1. Rest Stop Cats 5 — 1509 views (+ 1.9%)
2. Infinite Flickr #333 — 326 views ( 2.8%)
3. Duke girls partying — 144 views ( 38.5%) (I’m somewhat ashamed by the continued popularity of this one)
4. Herman Pillow — 128 views (60%)
5. Aremid allows Z to use him as a pillow — 113 views ( 5.6%)
6. 640 — 108 views ( 4.9%)
7. 726 — 105 views ( 2.9%)
8. A Very Silly Cat Face — 92 views ( 6.5%)
8. Who could resist a face like this — 98 views ( 14.0%)
8. Kauai Sunset — 92 views (NR)

Rest Stop Cats (5)infinite flickr #333
Duke girls partyingHerman pillow
Aremid allows Z to use him as a pillow640
726Who could resist a face like this?
A very silly cat faceKauai Sunset

Toastie Radio’s Spring Surge

Amptracker stats – average listeners:
January 2007 – 14.95
February 2007 – 15.90 (+6.4%)
March 2007 – 20.70 (+30.2%)

Website unique visitors/day (no stats for January as TR was still on the captaintoastie domain):
January 2008: 12.77 (includes negligible amount of traffic to
February 2007: 13.35 (+4.5%)
March 2007: 10.97 (-21.7%)

Google adsense revenue:
January 2007: $1.73
Februrary 2007: $3.52 (+200%)
March 2007: $23.99 (+681%)

Okay, so the middle stat doesn’t help my surge argument. I guess that means that listeners don’t go to the website once they bookmark the stream. I need to give them a reason to go to the site. I hope to have such a reason soon. On the bright side, those who do go to the website are certainly hitting the ads.