I’ll just record some thought for posterity.

North Carolina IS the backwards, ignorant cess pool of stupidity that people from more civilized places have always said it is.

I’ve never been ashamed to live in this state. I am tonight.

Most of the people who voted for the amendment have no idea what they’ve just done. And that’s not my fault or your fault for not educating them. At some point, we have to have some faith in each other. At least, I would like to think that. But that’s incredibly ignorant and stupid, isn’t it?

I truly admire activists who never give up the fight for progressive change. I cannot be such an activist. That requires a speck of optimism in humanity.

Am I being a bit harsh?

Nope, this is what I want to say for posterity, which is no less harsh than what the majority of voters of North Carolina just did today. They will be far more embarrassed in the years to come than I will be by anything I write tonight.

And this doesn’t even directly impact me. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have your fellow citizens decide that you do not have the right to the family you want.

N.C. Senate Primary

Someone help me out. June 22 is an important date in North Carolina politics for registered Democrats We have to choose a candidate in a primary runoff between Cal Cunningham and Elaine Marshall. I voted for the third-place finisher Ken Lewis.

Ken Lewis has endorsed Elaine Marshall.

In 2008, I voted for Jim Neal over the eventual-winner Kay Hagan.

Jim Neal has endorsed Cal Cunningham.

I haven’t followed the race too closely. I haven’t gotten beyond the platitudes and the generic warnings.

Who can be the best Senator?

Who’s got the best chance of beating Richard Burr in November?

UPDATE – A Facebook friend with media ties sent me these useful links: