Speaking of self-confidence, I paid for a gym membership yesterday. I’ve done this before, maybe eight or nine times over the past many years. I never quite get my money’s worth. Sometimes I’ll even pay months and months of fees just for the knowledge that I potentially could go the gym. This is king of like how my bike purchase has turned out.

And I even have a decent free gym at work. But it’s completely unrealistic to expect that, after 20 years of not being a morning person, I suddenly will become one. It’s not open late. It’s not open on weekends. And I’m still at work. So I’ve paid for a gym membership. I shall go. I shall go and stay for more than 20 minutes. And I shall not use going to the gym as an excuse to eat Randy’s Pizza twice a week.


Apple stuff and self-confidence

Ever watch an Apple commercial and think, “I’m not hip enough/happy enough/good enough to own Apple stuff”?*

I do.**

* What the correct way to punctuate that sentence?

** I was just going to dump that onto my Facebook wall/timeline/whatever it’s called, but then I recalled that I once had a blog to post my thoughts, and I’ve been quite timid for awhile. Maybe there’s a metablogging post coming.

That is all for now.

Dare I break out the depression tag? Why not. I don’t pay over $100 a year to have a website just so I can post harmless pictures and links to some harmless, silly other blog I have.