Vote AGAINST N.C. Amendment 1

Amendment One is not merely “the gay marriage amendment”. But the impetus for the amendment, its sponsors will tell you, is the word of God, and God’s condemnation of homosexuality.

I don’t study the Bible. Fortunately, President Bartlet does.


Comedian Richard Dawkins

Lecture etiquette FAIL?

I would be happy to bless your animals.

– Renowned biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins to his audience at Duke University today. He was responding to a comment following his lecture that the upcoming Q & A with the audience would end at 3:30 sharp since the Chapel Quad was hosting the annual Blessing of the Animals at 4:00.

That lousy cell phone photo is illustrating what I think was the very poor etiquette of two Duke students who clearly didn’t care much to be at this event. They must have been getting class credit or something. Like cell phones in a movie theater, laptop screens at this lecture, particularly screens that kept flashing between baseball scores, Facebook, and a variety of websites, are really friggin distracting if you’re sitting right behind them.


Religulous – 8/10

Perhaps not the best documentary ever, but it articulates my thoughts on religion in a way my mind is attuned to. Most of my friends would not agree with the points Bill Maher makes here, and I do not wish to highlight our differences now, so I’ll just keep my comments brief. While I am flummoxed by the beliefs of others, and I admire Bill Maher’s earnest stance against religious, I wish for people I know to find peace and joy in their lives however they might arrive at that.

Resisting Satan on Christmas

I had heard that Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate holidays. Boy, they sure get into the anti-celebratory mood. They are touring my neighborhood handing out pamphlets warning about how Satan rules the world and offering advice on how we can resist wicked spirits. Fun. They should learn how to go to the movies and eat Chinese food like Jewish people do.

I should’ve asked them what to do about my loud neighbors across the street.

spitting out the kool-aid

I’m sure I’ll exercise my right to vote in November, and I’ll probably fill in the oval for Barack Obama. But if I do, it will not be with much enthusiasm. All he has done since he got the nomination is pander to those right-of-center, and I’ve found it more than a bit disconcerting. I know he is following the “playbook”, but I was hoping Obama was someone who wouldn’t follow the playbook. But he’s so “pragmatic” when it comes to Iraq, that I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re still there in 2012 under President Obama. His rejection of same-sex marriage strikes me as cowardice. His talk of reducing late-term abortions seems to be a capitulation to evangelicals and a reversal of previous views. His embrace of faith-based initiatives, one of the most blatant examples of Bush having crapped on the Constitution, is downright puzzling, except for its blatant sucking up to the religious right. Overall, I’m just not seeing any willingness to stick to any principles. This is why I couldn’t support him seven or eight months ago. I saw a candidate who was far too eager to compromise.

I was big into politics for about eight years. I was almost a junkie. I really cared. But, honestly, the fact that polls have McCain and Obama running neck-and-neck means the chances of this country ever being the country I’d like it to be during my short lifetime are pretty dismal. I have no faith in a country that elected George W. Bush twice. Following politics, CARING about politics, causes a tremendous amount of stress. It isn’t worth it. And it’s especially not worth it when people you really believe in, like John Edwards, are lying scum, and people you see everyone else believing in, like Barack Obama, are ultimately tainted by the same bullshit as every other politician you’ve ever seen.

I don’t want to get into religion (perhaps it’s too late for that), but this pow-wow with Rick Warren was the last straw for me. There’s so much serious shit going on in the world. It’s embarrassing to see Obama and McCain kowtow to a snake-oil salesman. (I don’t really care what John McCain does; he’s not getting my vote no matter what. But Obama is doing every thing he can to lose my vote).

(Chez of Deus Ex Malcontent, one of my must-read-blogs, has a great post on this topic).

I used to at least try to write intelligently about politics. I’m not sure why, given most Americans are casting their votes based on how much their last fill-up at BP cost. No more. I don’t know what you’re all so excited about. A change you can believe in? Are you sure?

I don’t know what the heck my interests are these days. I don’t know what I can muster enthusiasm for. But I know politics ain’t it.

Huckabee’s hypocrisy

Huckabee calls for border crackdown in response to Bhutto’s assassination

It’s laughable reading about Huckabee decrying Islamic fundamentalism, and how we need to seal our borders to keep out those Pakastani fanatics.

Why is this laughable? Google up an old Huckabee sermon. (Maybe preaching that wives should submit themselves as gracious servants to their husbands isn’t as bad as telling the flock to blow themselves up and kill lots of Christians, but there’s plenty of fun to be found in Huckabee’s brand of fundamentalism).

Americans needs to do everything possible to prevent religious fanatics from destroying our country. The problem is, the fanatics are already here, and some of them are even running for President.

Of course, the leap from Bhutto’s assassination to building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border to keep out Pakistanis is also an astounding admission of ignorance about world affairs. Huckabee had not one intelligible thought about Bhutto and Pakistan. His attention switched immediately to the border, since that’s a place both he and his flock can find on a map.

A quick Huckabee aside, a quote from a 1998 book he penned:

Abortion, environmentalism, AIDS, pornography, drug abuse, and homosexual activism have fragmented and polarized our communities.

That’s right, environmentalism.

And you thought George W. Bush gutted this country of all its reason and clean air…

Hey Dems, just let Rudy get the friggin nomination

Q: What would be more dangerous or despicable than a President Giuliani?

A: a President Huckabee or a President Romney

That’s my reaction to the latest Huckabee news– Huckabee refuses to retract ’92 remarks on AIDS patients — and Mitt Romney’s recent “freedom requires religion” speech.

Dems and progressives capable of rational thought ought to shelve the anti-Rudy rants and documentaries for the time being; the time for their relevance will come soon enough.

Bill O’Reilly, etc. like to paint progressives as haters of America. I don’t hate America. However, should eight years of George W. Bush be followed by four years of Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney, this nation will be so much under God that anyone with a secular thought will suffocate.