Absymal HR

Not only did they f-up the entire hiring process and fail to provide me with useful starting information, but now they’re f-ing with my health insurance.

They run their HR operation out of New Jersey, and it’s readily apparent because every conversation is lacking in empathy, friendliness, and respect.

I elected my 2011 health insurance provider on December 3. 26-days-later, the provider has no record of me whatsoever. My HR throws the blame back to the provider; “they should have your data”.

A case has been opened, and it should take “3-5 business days” to conduct an investigation.

Hey, f-ers…there technically aren’t any business days until January 3, so you’re telling me I may not have this resolved into January 10? What am I supposed to do until then?

Oh, you can fax me a letter certifying that I’m covered, which I can’t even get until January 3.

Here, dialysis center, this says I’m covered! I don’t have a number or anything. I’ll accrue $1000 in charges over the next week, but, trust me, I’m covered!

And then I’ve got the surgery on January 19, for which the pre-authorization department already called me to get my new insurance information.

“It’ll be resolved by then,” I was assured. “F*U. This should’ve been resolved two weeks ago. Why would I trust a (*#*$&( word you’re saying”.

I didn’t really say that. I told her that I had plenty of other medical expenses that would come up before then, and it was not acceptable that I had to simply lay out the money for them in the meantime.

But it’s acceptable to my HR department, so that’s the bottomline.

Seriously, I do not need this shit. This week off is great, except it’s a blip compared to what I really need right now, which is about a year off.

I imagined while I was on hold for 25 minutes that HR was going to come back and say, “The reason you’re not in their system is because you’ve been terminated.” And I completely believe that my company would fire someone without bothering to them. Completely.

Is that MegaMillions jackpot still growing?



Toastie navigates the healthcare system #983

stock image of an evil doctorDear Dr. Monday Night Football:

I canceled my appointment for that test because it could have very likely done irreversible damage to my already shitty health. I can only imagine that you wanted to go ahead with this test because it would have given you an opportunity to get a complicated, lucrative procedure under your shiny money clip.

If you really gave a shit about your patient’s well-being, maybe you’d pick up a phone yourself to ask why I had canceled instead of having your secretary inquire into the failed transaction.


Whatever’s not locked down is yours

I’ve got another item to add to the list of stuff that’s been stolen from my porch/yard because it wasn’t locked down, which obviously meant I just didn’t care if someone else wanted it:

– 2 rakes
– 1 shovel
– 2 semi-working vacuums
– 1 corded hedge-trimmer
– 1 cordless weed-whacker

These were not all taken at one time. This represents six different occasions of theft.

It’s only about $200 worth of stuff over three years, hardly worth getting too worked up about. And that’s why I don’t blog about it every time it happens.

But I had the damn weed-whacker for all of about three weeks. It was inside about 95% of the time. But it’s got weed-and-bug salad all over it, so I didn’t feel like bringing it inside.

I didn’t have to worry about this stuff when I lived in Blandsville Luxury Apartment Homes of Wake County.

I don’t fit into the group of urban-revitalization-fans who just love Durham. But, at the same time, I really do get annoyed by those who slam Durham unjustifiably.

I was originally was going to title this, “Durham: Whatever’s not locked down is yours”, but I realize that’s not fair. It’s just a function of my particular neighborhood, which I’ve chosen, some could say, to not be involved in the betterment of. Maybe I’ve turned into a cranky quasi-libertarian, but I hope that by my living in the neighborhood and not stealing other people’s sh*t and paying my taxes that I’m doing what I’m supposed to.

I think people think of Durham as that pathetic dog that just have to adopt from the shelter. Of course you love him. Of course he’s the best dog ever. Of course you’ll always be there for him. But if you’re really honest, you know you’ve encountered dogs that maybe your friends have, and they’re always calm and sociable, and they’re as loving as your special-needs dog, and you wonder if, maybe someday, you’ll look for a dog more like theirs.

Anyway, I’m done now. I’m off to a chain restaurant in Raleigh for dinner. I can assure that none of the food is locally-grown. I know, I’m evil. I’m evil like Obama’s healthcare plan.