New Year’s Brain Cloud / Conan on Hyundais

Has anyone ever had the experience of their brain completely certain that an event was occurring on a particular day, when, in reality, the event was to occur several days later?

I had been certain I had a potluck I was missing back on Thursday. This morning, I learned the potluck is on Sunday. Every listing of the even in email and elsewhere confirms this. Yet, my brain read “New Year’s”, meant as a generic descriptor, as “New Year’s Eve”.

Anyway, I still have a Crock-Pot dish to make for Sunday, now.

And today, I’ll drive my Hyundai Elantra rental around on a day off to possibly look at some Honda Fits. I went to Carmax yesterday and got a few ideas. I actually like the Hyundai, although I was taken aback watching Conan O’Brien last night (a rerun) when he made a crack about men who drive Hyundais. I shall Google it…

From Late Night with Conan O’Brien:

According to a new study that just came out, men who have heated seats in their cars may be reducing the amount of sperm their testicles produce. Of course, guys who drive a Hyundai shouldn’t worry because nobody wants your sperm anyways.

– 09.08.08



It’s 2:13PM on a Saturday afternoon. I am sitting in my cubicle at work, following a morning “maintenance window”. It’s over, but I’m still here. I’ve eaten a Stouffers microwavable panini sandwich washed down with a bottle of Diet Sunkist. I have no definitive plan to get up and go home. I have no plan for the rest of the day, rest of the weekend, or rest of the year, for that matter.

I wonder if this is Acceptance. It’s not Depression, but, somehow, it is probably worse.

Chomping at Bumblebees

The one Friday afternoon I get permission to work from home…and sit out on my porch with my dog…is the afternoon Bob Schmitz sends over the guys with leaf-blowers to work next door.

As I type, the gasoline-vapor-spewing, ridiculously loud contraptions are all but about 20 feet away.

For a few minutes, I actually liked my house. Oh, well…

…okay, it’s not like they were using the leaf-blowers for an hour…they’re mulching now…I wonder if I can get them to do my yard, too…

Back to ITIL Foundations…yes, I really am trying to learn ITIL Foundations…although I am having a difficult time getting Herman to stop trying to chomp at bumblebees…

Yogi wisdom of the day

Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.

Quick quiz…who said that?

I have no idea. But it’s written on my Yogi Peach Detox tea bag.

In the spirit of heeding my tea bag’s advice, I shall now share (via Google search results) that this quote is also a favorite of one Heather Vale. Who is Heather Vale? Only the Barbara Walters of the Internet! Heather hosts an “internet reality show” called “The Next Internet Millionaire”. My best guess as to the premise of being the next internet millionaire is that if you have the looks and confidence of Heather Vale, you can parlay that into a website in which you market video programs on how to become an internet millionaire.

Anyway, my point was just to post the quote from the tea bag, because nothing makes for a great blog like quotes from your beverage packaging. Oh, well. I’ll probably be back to posting about just about everything soon enough. I’ll make a point of stating if I’m actually striving for quality. In lieu of that, assume that I’m not. Just posting that this point because I’ve got a blog, and it’s something to do… Actually, I do have some serious stuff to write about, but I’m procrastinating…