Who’s down with OPP

(Obama’s Peace Prize)

You heard that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and thought WTF?

Please watch the following, and then it all might make more sense. (11 minutes, but well worth it).


Maddow on Obama

Rachel Maddow pretty much sums up what I think about the presidency of Barack Obama

From Real Time with Bill Maher (7/31/09):

I feel like Obama ran as a moderate, centrist, not very revolutionary guy, and I feel like he’s governing as a moderate, centrist, not very revolutionary president, but he’s a skilled person, and he’s pursuing an agenda with sort of a moderate degree of aggression. He’s sort of a milquetoast guy who acts cautiously all the time. I didn’t expect differently from him as a candidate, but I also find that the way that he’s being attacked…is a totally unrecognizable character. People are attacking him as if he’s me.

I was ambivalent about Obama during the primaries because this is basically what I expected. I’m still disappointed, but what I find truly maddening is that the right talks about Obama like he’s Michael Moore, when he’s actually more like…Roger Moore.*

*Well, Roger Moore is a conservative, but he cares about poor people and banning foie gras. And people generally seem to be ambivalent about him, like I am about Obama. And the point is that Obama isn’t really worth anyone’s ire.

Maddow on Jindal

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