Disgruntled Democrat

I just dumped one of the left-wing blogs I’ve been reading for a long time. I’m fed up with progressives who blast other progressives for being fed up with Obama. During the eight years of Bush, it was such a relief to find any Republican dare to be critical of the administration. It was proof that sanity can exist at both ends of the political spectrum. Most Republicans hated to hear any criticism from their own ranks. Democrats were presumably more open-minded. It turns out they’re not. Any Democrat who doesn’t go out and only tout all of Obama’s historic accomplishments is a bad soldier. I’m really disappointed with this President for lots of reasons I don’t care to write ten pages about right now. I’m more disappointed with a political party that berates me for expressing disappointment with this President.

I’m seriously thinking of dumping the Democratic Party all together. It’s a label I don’t know that I want to embrace anymore. Conservatives probably rejoice when they hear such a proclamation. I’m certainly not embracing the other side. I don’t think my voting habits would change much. I’d probably even switch back to being a Democrat when primaries rolled around. But living with the label 24/7/365 adds stress. Or at least it does to me. I care a lot about politics, but, frankly, I really wish I didn’t. Perhaps looking at Democrats as a group that would woo me for my vote is more comforting that feeling that they expect my vote.

Oh, and at the local level, I’ve got no faith in the party, either. The Durham County Commissioners are all Democrats, and a majority of them are awful.