End of prednisone

Have I really been on prednisone for six friggin’ months? I would’ve come off three months ago, but my Durham neph overruled my Charlotte neph. I appealed to my Durham neph today, and I get to come off of it. I’m really, really glad, both to get off of it (gradually over the next month) and that I never turned into Jerry Lewis.

(Other than the surge of energy I had in October, I have not enjoyed my prednisone.)

Range: Ehhh… Typical Toastie Problem

Range came.
Range had no power.
Installers blamed my electrical circuits.
Flipped breakers several times, no change.
Later, out of curiosity, I tried the burners.
Burners work.
The clock and control don’t work. The oven doesn’t work.
What gives?
Home Depot passed me to GE.
GE understand the problem and was going to send someone out.
But instead of being put on hold, I was returned to the queue.
The new queue rep had no knowledge of my issue. Different computer system starting all over.
A new unit will be sent out Tuesday, even though there’s a decent chance my appliance outlet isn’t fully juiced to 240V.
I need a multimeter. Hoping to procure one from M & E.
Installers supposed to check this themselves first, but the didn’t, and they asked for the 5 out of 5 rating when I get the survey tomorrow.

Bummed by the half-working range, which looks quite nice.

Used the power of my prednisone to start painting tonight. No primer. No blue tape. Just a huge itch to start the project I had planned start 4+ years ago. Orange kitchen. It does not look as cool as I recall. But, so what? I’m so sick of having a white kichen. I am not spending forever on this project. I will repaint if the results are truly horrific. I don’t think they wiil be.

All the non-lockd down fixtures in the kichen–pantry rack, small nook table, el cheapo bookcase, smaller wire shelvin (ideal for microwave)…out in the hallway, awaiting their fate in Kichen 2.0

The long-term view involves a dishwasher and completely new shelves that migt make the most of my challenging galley kitchen. THe current view just needs to be shaked up. Pics to come.

No News Is Good News

No news was good news regarding my post-transplant health throughout September. My creatinine went down to 1.4-1.5, which is great. I didn’t write about it. I only write about bad news. There’s not much therapeutic value to writing about good news. 🙂

Today, the bad news. My white blood cell count has suddenly gotten quite low. A week ago, I was taken off immunosuppressant CellCept in favor of the similar medication Myfortic. Now, I’m off both and have started the dreaded prednisone. Pred has been one of my biggest fears since getting the transplant. Think bloated Jerry Lewis. I learned today that that awful side effect is known as “moon face”. I don’t want moon face. I don’t want to gain 50 pounds. Now, I’m on a fairly low dose, and I’m hoping my leukocyte count quickly goes up and then I won’t be on the prednisone too long.

And my leukocyte count will, I hope, go up quickly since I’m getting a couple of shots of Neupogen. At first, my nephrologists wanted me to go down to Charlotte right away to get these shots. Instead, I gave myself a shot tonight and will do it again tomorrow. I can actually credit Zellouisa for helping me do this so easily. I’ve been giving her insulin shots for awhile now, and she takes them so easily. I also consulted a YouTube video on how to inject yourself with insulin.