Selected pics from a weekend trip to the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro.

(Complete Flickr Set)

NC Zoo - Parrot

NC Zoo - Alligator (4)

NC Zoo -Alligator (5)

NC Zoo - Elephant

NC Zoo - Cougar (2)

NC Zoo - Turtle

NC Zoo - Elephant (4)

NC Zoo - Flamingos (2)


Aremid 15.0

2011.02.05 Aremid 13

I’m always forgetting my pets’ birthdays, which doesn’t really matter since they’re only estimates, and I don’t think that they, cats especially, would appreciate birthday celebrations. (Maybe Herman will get one this year.)

2011.02.05 Aremid 14So, Aremid is now officially past 15-years-old.

I would’ve taken and posted these pics anyway. I’ve got the new camera, and I’ve captured Aremid as I’ve never captured him before!

2011.02.05 Aremid 11Anyway, does anyone know how long before I should be worried about Aremid’s cold, wet scabby nose? I think he’s been like this for a couple of weeks, but he seems fine besides the nose (and the lack of weight gain, see below).

2011.02.05 Aremid 10It’s worth mentioning* some trivia that many who know Aremid already know, and it’s relevant now since one highlight of my current recovery has been catching up on Days Of Our Lives. Aremid was named after the mysterious fictional town of Aremid that was the locale for a storyline on Days back in 1995 and 1996. (I would link to a related webpage, but that would hurt my cat’s Google search rank).

<a href="As the Days writers were also incredibly clever (this was shortly before the Marlena-possession storyline, after all), Aremid is “DiMera” backwards. DiMera is the surname of Days supervillain Stefano DiMera. (Geez, this Wikipedia article is in need of some serious edits; I guess I’ve found an activity for the next few days.)

2011.02.05 Aremid 06*Perhaps this was not worth mentioning. Anyway, as for Aremid the cat, his inability to gain any weight is an ongoing concern. His last thyroid-marker reading was good, which would mean his hyperthyroidism is under control. But his weight, as of a few weeks ago, has merely stabilized at 7 ½ pounds. Aremid was once a 10-to-11-pound cat (and was still a skinny cat). It would be nice if he could put on a pound or two.

2011.02.05 Aremid 03
Flickr photo set of Aremid from Saturday

Cat in a keyboard box

Aremid in laptop keyboard box

This is unrelated to any happenstance that’s occurred or thought I’ve had recently. It’s just a cat in a box. I dripped pineapple juice on my keyboard a coupld of days ago. The keys were a bit sluggish. I sprayed the keyboard with Windex. This killed my keyboard. Fortunately, Lenovo had sent me an extra keyboard due to uneven customer service awhile back. So I’ve got this extra one. But I lack a long mini-PH screwdriver to remove what essential screw needed to remove the current defective keyboard and insert a new one.

Thank goodness for my new work Lenovo. And that’s all I’ll say about my new job for now.

I’m off to sleep now, as I need to get up early for work, and I am exhausted, perhaps due in part to having skipped dialysis on Friday for a very good cause. I must solve the puzzle of how to get adequate regular dialysis. There’s a good deal riding on this puzzle being solved.

I digress…I just wanted the photo of Aremid in the box.

I love this cat so very much; let there never be a question. One casual acquaintance who did question this was dumped as a FB friend this weekend. I think the researchers who say we can only handle 50 friends have a point.

I digress again…I could go on and on about lots of stuff…but I will not…

Bonus pic:
Herman on the couch with head on pillow
Herman on couch; head on pillow

The next four/five months/years

If this Duke tenure lasts four years, that would be terrific. Unfortunately, I’ll be working under the three-month temp label, which I know should be insignificant, but until I go perm, I’ll be worried. And I’ll be worried today, that I’ll find out I’m in way over my head.

Meanwhile, I could’ve slept an extra hour. As I typed the above, I got a call from Melinda from Kelly. I don’t need to be there until 9:00. I now have an extra hour to kill. I’ll get some coffee and a yummy pastry at Caribou.

Geez, it’s been 12 years since I had my first first day at Duke.

Can’t sit around the apartment and pick up cat hair on my first-day polo shirt.

Not driving three hours. Will be home tonight. Yay.
Another first day at Duke.2005.07.05

And my tenure working for OIT at Duke University lasted for four years. It lasted for 5 &frac13; years, obliterating the spans I spent at previous jobs and winding up well over a year longer than my undergraduate tenure there.

This is not the time to write about my tenure working at Duke. It’s end was necessary, but sad, nonetheless.

I am frankly petrified about my new job. I should have a lot on my plate, and I look forward to that. But I’ve got another plate to contend with…a heavy plate that I carry three times a week called dialysis. How these two significant time commitments will coexist, I still do not know. Between HR’s unwillingness to address the issue during the window of the last three weekds, and my dialysis facility’s unwillingness to level with me concerning realistic shift options, I don’t know what my schedule for even tomorrow will be.

Must try to get some sleep, though I know that, since the age of five, I don’t get much sleep the night before The First Day of &;.

I put together my new IKEA coffee table today. I was pleased with myself for that. It’s a massive toy for the cats; I know they appreciate it.

I also spray-painted the light-wood-colored Mission-style plant holder. It was a…I don’t know the color…but now it is black. This shall be a black living room, with some hints of brown. Like this really matters, given the average of 2.84 people who see this living room on average in a given month.

Aremid new coffee table bw