Just sleeping pets

Off to Charlotte for a triple-header of renal excitement. Then off to North Myrtle Beach for mini golf and Nook reading on the beach (with umbrella and plenty of sunscreen so I don’t get the melanoma I am at even higher risk of getting on top of mole-prone skin).

Back Sunday, so I leave you some pics of the animals.

Hey, is anyone planning on going to Tulum, Mexico in November? If so (assuming you are aware of what I’m talking about), let me know. I’m close to pulling the trigger. I’ve never used my passport. With the dearth of plans for Life 2.0, using that passport should be on the bucket list. Oh, how I lament the inclusion of the term “bucket list” into our discourse.

Zellouisa (5) 2011.08.15

Herman daze (2) 2011.08.15

Aremid (2) 2011.08.15