Crouton du jour no. 49 + Contest

I’m just trying to lighten up what is generally a somber exercise, the posting of my song of the day, the Crouton du Jour. (The Crouton du Jour is a relic of the defunct Toastie Radio).

Be the first to name this piece of music (or come descriptively close) by commenting in this blog (Facebook doesn’t count), and you’ll win a $5 gift card to…somewhere… If you are declared the winner and agree to give me your snail mail address at, you’ll get a $5 gift card to a local establishment if you’re in or near Durham. Otherwise, you will receive a gift card to a big box store! For complete rules and regulations…wait until I am getting ten times the visitors I get now. For now, I’m winging it. I think my only rule is that, if I do several of these, you can’t win two in a row.