Tulum Part 14 / Hidden Worlds (11/12/11)

Into 2013, and I’m still going through the motions of finishing off blog posts that have been on the To-Do list for 13 months.

These pics are repetitive. In a day of skycycling through tree canopies and, zip-lining and rappelling into underwater caves (lots of fun), I mostly just got a lot of pictures of skycycling. I think my camera battery died after that activity. Skycycling is traversing a zipline using the power of pedaling. Crammed into a little cabin, it’s an exhausting venture, and it probably gave me the superficial blood clot that was diagnosed a couple of weeks later. Anyway, here’s Part 14 of the Tulum photo blogging series, from Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park.

The whole set of Hidden Worlds photos on Flickr

Hidden Worlds
Entrance building welcome cat

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds
Pedaling, with EA in front of me

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds
Tree canopy

Hidden Worlds
What goes up must come down


Tulum Part 13 / Downtown Tulum (11/12/11)

The day after the wedding, and before the outing to Adventure World, I took a drive by myself to downtown Tulum. Not a whole lot to see, and yet it WAS a lot to see, since, in my little American bubble, I haven’t seen much of life outside the U.S. I’m well-aware that simply going into the less-touristy downtown area of a resort town is hardly experiencing the life of the locals, but I felt like I somewhat got away from the tourist thing for about 90 minutes.

Downtown Tulum Village Dog
Village dog

Antojitos La Tuxtlequita Tulum MX
I had breakfast at Antojitos La Tuxtlequita. It was adequate.

Breakfast at Antojitos La Tuxtlequita in Downtown Tulum 11-12-2011 9-49-41 AM
Huevos motuleños

Downtown Tulum 11-12-2011 9-45-08 AM
I feel I failed to capture the excitement of downtown Tulum

Tulum morning 11-12-2011 9-08-01 AM
Not Downtown Tulum, but it was from that morning, outside of my hotel

Tulum Wedding - 4 Maracas 11-12-2011 12-12-15 AM
Not really from the morning; from late the previous night; I enjoyed my maracas

Tulum Part 12 / Wedding stuff (11/11/11)

The return of Tulum pictures! It’s been over 10 months, and I still haven’t finished going through the photos. I’d like to try to wrap that up. There are some great pictures that are worth the work to sort through.

Ironically, I do not have an impressive trove of photos from the wedding. The wedding. That’s why I was in Tulum Mexico on 11/11/11. Photography at the wedding itself was discouraged, so I don’t have anything from that absolutely stunning ceremony. I had my compact camera with me at the reception, but I didn’t make use of it. I’ve got the memories, which are great memories. It’s remarkable that I have such vivid memories, given what’s considered a tequila “shot” at a Tulum wedding and that I consumed…more than what one might consider reasonable. What can I say, there was magic in the air. It’s sad I don’t have more photos (of that night.)

Complete set of Tulum Flickr photos so far

Tulum - Wedding Ceremony 1 - Nice View
The view before the ceremony

Tulum - Wedding Cake
Cake! Yes, that’s a Mayan temple cake

Tulum - Wedding - Copious amounts of food
Food! There’s some meat and other stuff. That’s all I know. I took a picture.

Tulum - Wedding - Creepy unicyclist
Creepy unicyclist! This figurine on display at the hotel restaurant was a frequent conversation topic throughout the evening.

Tulum - Tequila
Tequila! Tequila made frequent appearances throughout the evening.

Tulum Part 11 / A view from the mobile

I hadn’t even begun to finish posting my Tulum pics six months ago. I was still on Day 2 of 4. Here’s my Tulum Flickr album up to what I have uploaded today.

These are the pics I’ve had on my phone all this time. These span all four days.

Day 1: Flying into Miami (queue “Thank You For Being A Friend”)

Cabanas Tulum
Day 2: Entrance to Cabanas Tulum (the lovely, quaint place on the beach adjacent to where most of the other wedding guests stayed)

Cabanas Tulum mojito
Day 2: Mojito at that place we went to brunch at on the way back run the ruins

Brunch at that place
Day 2: Brunch at that place

Wedding preparations
Day 2: Wedding preparations

Foot in Tulum
Day 2: Foot

Pouring wine into a Pringles container
Day 3: Pouring wine into a Pringles container

Drinking out of a Pringles container
Day 3: Drinking out of a Pringles container

Cancun airport Mr Gels and Liquids
Day 4: Cancun Airport Mr. Gels and Liquids

Tulum Part 10 / Beach (sand, ocean, sky, rocks, birds, dogs, etc.)

Tulum - Beach 26 - Beach dogsOne walk on the beach, camera in hand. Still only on Day 2 of 4. It’s been over four weeks now, and I’m still milking this for blog posts. Also, I took a ton of pictures. It’s a good thing that I don’t know Photoshop or use anything more advanced than Picasa, and even then, I just crop and occasionally do an “I Feel Lucky”. So I took about 75 pictures, uploaded 28 to Flickr, and I’ll narrow it down to 10 here. No, the woman on the rocks was not aware I was taking a picture with her in the frame. Then again, the dogs were also oblivious to my presence.

Tulum - Beach 01

Tulum - Beach 07

Tulum - Beach 09

Tulum - Beach 10

Tulum - Beach 13

Tulum - Beach 18

Tulum - Beach 20 - Birds

Tulum - Beach 24 - Birds

Tulum - Beach 26 - Beach dogs-1

Complete set of beach photos from 11/11/11

Tulum Part 09 / Cabañas Tulum

Laziness and three weeks of distance make it an ever more difficult task to go through my Tulum photos. I’ve got at least three decent sets left. This is not one of them. Just a few pics to represent where I stayed, which, I think, as I had mentioned, was at the hotel next door to where the main wedding action was taking place (and where everyone else stayed). Cabañas Tulum is a pleasant little place on the beach. Oh, yes, I did already write briefly about where I stayed. I just hadn’t mentioned the name. So now I’m breaking out the tilde and mentioning the name.

So here’s precisely where I stayed:

Tulum - Cabanas Tulum room

If I stepped out onto that patio, this is the view I had:

Tulum - Cabanas Tulum view from room

And if I walked down that path, I would see this:

Tulum - Cabanas Tulum - beach view

Tulum Part 04 / Tulum Nights

Tulum beach after sunset (2)Well, the first night. I hadn’t made my plans to attend the wedding until it was too late to book a room at the main hotel, where 90% of the guests were staying. I am happy with my choice, a tiny adjacent property on the beach. Well, I chose the cheaper room option that wasn’t quite on the beach; maybe it was 40 feet from the beach. Anyway, I decided to venture out on my own that night, which was not the safe proposition since I don’t typically feel comfortable venturing out on my own. By venturing out, I mean I merely chose to stay at my hotel and go to a wine-tasting that my hotel restaurant was having.

Tulum beach after sunset (4)

This was my first wine-tasting. I think we sampled five or six wines. Honestly, I don’t really care to know about the grapes or the soil. But I can pretend to be interested. The key take-away (oh, man, corporate meeting lingo…take-away? really, Dave?) was that Mexico has some good wine, but doesn’t export much of it to the States. I asked our wine expert why that’s the case, and I got some hazy answer dealing with trade rules. But my mind was a bit hazy by then, so maybe I just didn’t follow. What did we have? Some other kind of blanc besides sauvignon. Chenin blanc? A fumé blanc? I think there was one of each. La Cetto? That’s the winery that made these two. Then there were two or three others wines. It doesn’t matter. All I recall is that every wine I had was obviously better than the $10 bottles of whatever I am used to drinking. And what I remember most, mostly because I took a photo to remember it by, was the last wine, which was the best wine.

Tulum wine-tasting - Monte XanicMonte Xanic Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot 2008. Only 390 pesos according to this website. I paid considerably more to buy a bottle for the table of wedding guest folk I had dinner with after the wine-tasting. (Wine-tastings apparently increase my joviality and generosity.) No need to comment about these wines if you know anything about them. I won’t understand. But I’m buying this wine if I ever see it. There’s another wine from Tulum Night 3 that was also outstanding. That wine, I think I saw at Whole Foods. It’s an Argentine Malbec.

Ah, here’s the foursome who joined me at the wine-tasting. It’s “Claire” and “Nick” from London, and “Jan” and “Trevor” from Brisbane. I’ll use pseudonyms to protect their identities. Screw it. I’ll use their real names. That’s Claire and Nick and Jan and Trevor. (I didn’t say they were good pseudonyms.) And that’s me after some wine. Yeah, I shouldn’t post such pics on the internet. I don’y care. Wine and moon-face. Great. Motivation to look better at my next wine-tasting. Anyway, I spent most of the time talking to Claire, who despite a life of privilege and globetrotting, enjoyed coaching me on all the adventures I ought to go on. It helped that I mentioned having gotten a new kidney. There’s my one and only conversation-starter. So, according to Claire, I MUST go to Rome…and as long as I’m in Europe, I must go to London and Paris and Barcelona. And I must go to Buenos Aire. And Australia. And I hate to admit it, but when Claire and Nick asked if there was anything worthwhile to see in North Carolina, I felt compelled to say, “No, not really”. I mean, c’mon. I know, I’m terrible.

Tulum wine-tasting - Claire and Nick from London and Jan and Trevor from Australia

Actually, what’s terrible is that I pretty much have no pictures of any of my friends, the people I actually know. I’ve got one group shot, and it’s with THESE people. I could post some pics that others took that are up on The Facebook, but then I’d be engaging in bad web etiquette. If you know me on Facebook, I’m tagged. And it’s horrifying, because the pics confirm what I’ve known for a long time, that I have no neck.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been verbose, hasn’t it? Not just verbose, but writing without a net.

Tulum wine-tasting - Clase Azul tequilaOh, and what’s this? The wine guy starting talking about tequila, and he brought out “the best” tequila, or at least one of the best. It can’t be that luxurious, because I got some at the duty-free shop at the Cancun Airport. Anyway, we got a free sample of the Clase Azul. Buy the tequila, and you get the fancy bottle!

And what Tulum night would be complete without a coconut tree bathed in moonlight?

Tulum at night - Coconut tree by moonlight