Top 8 things Toastiest visitors are searching for

I was curious how people who don’t know me stumble upon this site (and probably never return). I’m more amused by the appearance of non-kidney topics.

(List for the year 2011 so far; does not include terms that include variations of ‘toastie’.)

8. charles nelson reilly

7. <img width="175px" style="float:right; padding-left:20px;" src=""days of our lives aremid storyline

6. headline

5. healthy kidneys

4. dish network sucks

3. victor kiriakis

2. thirty something

1. av fistula

10 Most-Viewed Toastiest Posts of 2007

Not necessarily my favorite posts (which perhaps I’ll list separately), just the ones that racked up the most hits for one reason or another.

  • 1. Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub (05-10-07)
    Any restaurant post gets a lot of hits because it will come up in search results often. I got a few comments on this one, because I was ignorant as to the social significance of Joe and Joe’s. I had been somewhat aware, but I was writing about Bull McCabe’s on its own merits, not trying to compare it to its predecessor.
  • 2. Burning questions (04-09-07)
    Question one was regarding the vacant state senate seat. Question two was referring to a previous post. In any event, I think the high hit rate was a fluke, caused by a spambot, but I don’t want to mess with the “integrity” of this list, because that would just be awful. (Who cares? I know…)
  • 3. Another Unofficial Post (02-13-07)
    Another hit count inflated by spambots, I think. It’s just a picture of me and Herman, as I was testing this new blog platform out.
  • 4. DISH Network Sucks (07-10-07)
    A signature rant that achieved its goal of getting other random people to add to the legend that is DISH Network’s abysmal customer service.
  • 5. Samantha Bee: NILF (05-22-07)
    No original content here. I was just sharing an amusing clip, that apparently must have been hard for people to find on the internets if they wound up on my site to find it. The video is still online for anyone who hasn’t checked it out.
  • 6. Blu Seafood (08-06-07)
    Another restaurant post.
  • 7. Daily ToYoTA: Markie Post Plays Pyramid (06-15-07)
    Proof that Markie Post is one of America’s most beloved actresses. The 60-second video still gives me chills, from back in the day where you had to work hard to win a lot of money on a game show. And you’ve got to check out Markie’s wardrobe.
  • 8. Parker and Otis (07-12-07)
    Another food place.
  • 9. Does Durham Have $40 To Spare? (12-13-07)
    A minor rant about a trashcan. Durham OneCall finally came through. I think Barry helped. But I feel bad, because I just had a dented trashcan. His comes with used syringes.
  • 10.Why I Like Where I Live #2: Parker and Otis (08-22-07)
    Another Parker & Otis post.

Best Picture checklist

Facebook makes maintaining a checklist like this easy. Actually, some service called Meosphere does that. Anyway, my tally of Academy Award-winning films that I have seen is pathetic. People who know me think I see a lot of movies; I really haven’t. I have accumulated a heap of pop culture knowledge without actually experiencing a good deal of the pop culture in question. Some might say, “Well, who cares? If it’s not important to you to see these supposedly good movies, why does it matter?” I care, and it is important to me, because I appreciate good movies, so I think I ought to see some of these that I haven’t checked off. I suppose, ultimately, I’m not a “movie-lover”, because if I ever had an Ultimate Life To-Do List, seeing these films wouldn’t be near the top…

Toastie’s Movie Ratings was one of the first websites I remember surfing regularly with the proliferation of the world wide web around 1994. Consequently, it remains, along with eBay, one of the very few sites on which I still use an old screenname and password combo. Also, a large number of the 112 movies I’ve rated have outdated votes. While a film critic may try to render an opinion upon seeing a film for the first time that will stand the test of time, a lot of the votes I recorded were cast in-the-moment. If I had laughed my ass off, I might have given a comedy an 8, even though, in retrospect, it may have been a 5 or 6. Similarly, a drama that really struck a chord at the time might have been ranked a couple of notches higher than it deserved.

But, then again, I’ve always recognized a clear distinction between my enjoyment of a film and my appreciation of a film. I have a friend who will assert that a universally-acclaimed film is “horrible”, not with regard to the merits of its acting, writing, directing, or other technical merits, but as an absolute matter of fact. Unfortunately, it’s basically impossible to have a constructive conversation about movies with him.

Anyway, a dozen years and an later, IMDB now allows you to publicly share your personal movie ratings. Maybe they’ve allowed this for years; I’ve just discovered this, in any event.

Toastie’s IMDb Movie Ratings

Now I’ve publicly shared this, I’ll probably move quickly to revise a lot of these votes.

I’ll also move quickly to establish a related list of “Toastie’s Favorite Movies”, as I realized that I’ve always been a big fan of lists, but this site lacks lists. What better way to define one’s self without forcing someone to read rambling narratives than to offer up a dizzying smorgasbord of lists!

Just for the record, before I start revising, these are the films that, at least at some point in time, I considered worthy of a 10/10 rating:

American Beauty (1999)
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
Braveheart (1995)
Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
Million Dollar Baby (2004)
Parenthood (1989)
Schindler’s List (1993)
The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Titanic (1997)
When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

EDIT – So upon a quick perusal of my list, I don’t see any need to re-rate anything. I think I probably have gone through periodically over the years and re-calibrated my votes. If anything, I’ll probably just go crazy with movie ratings for the next few minutes, hours, or days. Surely, I’ve seen more than 112 films in my lifetime.

EDIT – Ok, so there have been a couple of universally-acclaimed films that I have HATED. Like Pulp Fiction and The Matrix. I’ll have to contemplate whether or not I leave my ratings for them at ‘2’. I think I’ve only rated them so low as a counterweight to all those ridiculous 10’s.