Painted kitchen

Bungalow blogging catch-up. Not using complete sentences to try to bang out a post. Painted my kitchen last weekend. Big deal because I’ve only finished painting a room once in five years ago. (I painted the living room before I moved in back in December 2006; the bathroom has been half-painted for a few years.)

So I got the new range (for which I need a wiring fix for it to be fully functional). I cleared out a bunch of the shelving/portable furniture I had added to make up for the tiny galley kitchen’s lack of counters and cabinets. The paint and clearing of space has refreshed what had been a depressing symbol of the futility of my efforts with this house (which in itself is a symbol of all sorts of other futility.)

A brief history of my kitchen below. I had to go digging to find a picture of the kitchen pre-move-in. I remember now how pics from that time were on a flashcard or SD card that had been corrupted, and the recovery process had been tedious and only half-effective. But I digress…

Bungalow pre-move-in December 2006
December 2006 – uncorrupted

Kitchen 2011.02.18 1
February 2011 – clutter, and more clutter

Kitchen after painting
October 2011 – painted and (mostly) decluttered though you can’t really tell from all the dishes that need to be put away

Kitchen after painted 02

Kitchen after painted + new range

Kitchen after painted 3

Geez, it takes a good half-hour to create a blog post when the photos aren’t all up on Flickr already and the photos are on two different cameras.



I bought a range. I was just thinking, I should buy a range. Went to Click. Click. Done. No returns.

Well, it didn’t exactly go down like that. I’ve wanted a new range ever since I moved in here, since the crusty, old one has been, well, crusty and old. It doesn’t self-clean. I myself don’t clean. The heating elements keep breaking, miraculously healing themselves, but then taking forever to get going, nonetheless. I suppose the crusty, old range is a metaphor, and, thus, it needs to go.

Yeah, but you don’t cook.

Point taken.

I also bought a bike, and I don’t exercise.

And, over the summer (Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #?), I bought a NOOK, and I don’t read.

And, maybe, someday, I’ll do more than just aspire to read more, exercise more, and cook more.

As for the range, I did go a little overboard. Do I really need five burners? Well, hell, yeah, if I’m going to throw that big party and cook for 20 people like I’m always talking about doing.

When have you been talking about doing that?

Well, never.