Disappointment in Joe Biden

(Linda Brown via AP)

Linda Brown via AP

The puppy is awful cute, but I wish the Bidens had gotten a puppy from a shelter. Going to a breeder means one more dog at a shelter will be put down today. Thanks, Joe.

I realize every family has different wants and needs in a pet, and perhaps it’s easiest to meet those needs by going to a breeder. But he’s the Veep; he’s got connections. If they wanted a well-tempered German shepherd puppy from a shelter, I’m sure they could’ve gotten one.

Oh, well. We could have a worse Veep-elect, a horrendously worse Veep-elect.


I’ve been at this, like, five weeks

I will try hard not to spend three hours combing post-Biden/Palin-debate threads, and I will not try to think too hard about what my own reactions. I watched the debate with a left-leaning crowd at The Broad Street Cafe.

Palin “held her own” as far as not stumbling on her face. Those who still admire her will love her more, and I can’t see where else she may have gained ground. She showed only an ability to memorize immense amounts of information and regurgitate it. Sometimes, the answers made sense. Sometimes, it was obvious that she was just picking answers out of a hat, without regard to their relevance to their question or their compatibility with adjoining rehearsed passages.

Biden flat-out kicked ass, I thought. He nailed just about every answer. He rehearsed, too, for sure, but he clearly understands every word he’s saying. I could tell he wanted to pounce on so much of the garbage coming out of Palin but he didn’t want to risk being perceived as attacking Palin unnecessarily.

I pretty much agree with the summary that Markos offered.

Oh, and I most enjoyed when Biden said something to the effect of, “Enough of this maverick crap”.