Herman health update

Because I have the blog. Might as well cross-post between Facebook and here.

He spent the day vomiting. Like, everywhere. Long after there was no more food to expunge. Horrific hacks of foam. More like lattes, really. And then he couldn’t stand up for more than a few seconds. So off to the vet hospital. Several hundreds of dollars later, nothing new to report. Sent home with Cerenia and bland food. Wednesday and Thursday were really good days for Herman…the Gabapentin seems to have helped his back leg. But this was not a good day. I guess I should start that exercise of logging my pet’s quality of life from day-to-day.

Since I don’t post such updates anymore, I should mention that this comes a couple days after a night of two seizures, which follows two other seizures over the last few months.

And he’s got severe lameness in his hip…can’t bear weight on left hind leg.

This is not Herman

This is not Herman:

This is Herman:
Herman content 2010.05.29
Herman @Duke Garden September '09
Herman's first night 7
Uncanny, isn’t it? The markings aren’t quite the same, but everything else about them is. (Maybe the ears are different; I never really noticed that Hermans point back and don’t naturally flop.) The dog on top is Blackie, who very recently passed away from cancer at about the same age that Herman probably is now. He came from the same part of Wake County where Herman was found. The dog’s owners commented on here a couple of days ago to tell me all about Blackie and the possibility that Herman and Blackie could be related. This has really touched me. Herman has been getting hugs the past couple of days.

Snow (belated)

It’s 60 degrees and rainy now, but one week ago, Durham was getting around seven inches of snow, and I drove out anyway to go to Charlotte.

Full album of pics

Post-Christmas Snow in Durham 544AM
Home, 5:44AM

Post-Christmas Snow in Durham - Herman takes a look around (3)
Herman looks around, 8:30AM

Post-Christmas Snow in Durham - Herman takes a look around (6)

Post-Christmas Snow in Durham - Back Alley (2)
Back alley

Post-Christmas Snow in Durham - Snowman at Green and Onslow
Heading out around 9AM…notice the snowman at the intersection of Green and Onslow

Post-Christmas Snow in Durham - East Campus at Markham (3)
Duke East Campus, heading West on Markham

Post-Christmas Snow in Durham - Ninth St
Ninth Street

Post-Christmas Snow - Durham Freeway 902AM
Durham Freeway, headed North toward I-85 South

Post-Christmas Snow - Overturned Truck I-85 Hillsborough
Accident on I-85 South in Hillsborough; conditions began to improve shortly thereafter, for me, at least (not sure about the driver of the truck)

Cat in a keyboard box

Aremid in laptop keyboard box

This is unrelated to any happenstance that’s occurred or thought I’ve had recently. It’s just a cat in a box. I dripped pineapple juice on my keyboard a coupld of days ago. The keys were a bit sluggish. I sprayed the keyboard with Windex. This killed my keyboard. Fortunately, Lenovo had sent me an extra keyboard due to uneven customer service awhile back. So I’ve got this extra one. But I lack a long mini-PH screwdriver to remove what essential screw needed to remove the current defective keyboard and insert a new one.

Thank goodness for my new work Lenovo. And that’s all I’ll say about my new job for now.

I’m off to sleep now, as I need to get up early for work, and I am exhausted, perhaps due in part to having skipped dialysis on Friday for a very good cause. I must solve the puzzle of how to get adequate regular dialysis. There’s a good deal riding on this puzzle being solved.

I digress…I just wanted the photo of Aremid in the box.

I love this cat so very much; let there never be a question. One casual acquaintance who did question this was dumped as a FB friend this weekend. I think the researchers who say we can only handle 50 friends have a point.

I digress again…I could go on and on about lots of stuff…but I will not…

Bonus pic:
Herman on the couch with head on pillow
Herman on couch; head on pillow