Match Game

I must just say, for the record, that my favorite television program at the moment is Match Game, which airs at least twice a day on GSN. It gives me perpetual amusement. Most of the shows are around 30 years old, but the humor is still sharp. The “celebrities” are a lot of fun to watch. Gene Rayburn is a great host.

So, there have been times where I’ve been a soap opera addict (actually, many times), and I used to watch an hour a day of the Golden Girls. Hell, I’d even watch Sportscenter years ago like any real manly man would. But lately, I can’t get enough of Match Game.

Just wanted to say that.

By the way, if anyone is just joining me (reading this blog for the first time), this blog has no theme. I may write about Iraq one moment, give some ultra-liberal rant the next, give another misanthropic post later, then post pictures of my pets, and then write about how I love a 30-year-old game show…