Best Novel of 2010

Well, I haven’t read it quite yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome, because it was written by acclaimed novelist and my internet friend Kristy Kiernan.

I am so honored that Kristy has included me in the Acknowledgement section of her book Between Friends.

Toastie blogger, kidney patient, and animal lover David S…

Some quotes from the book jacket:

Will leave readers of Jodi Picoult and Anita Shreve clamoring for more from this talented author.”
– Tasha Alexander, author of Tears of Pearl

Simply mesmerizing…expertly captures the unbreakable bond between sisters.”
– BookPage

Support Kristy and Toastie by picking up a copy here!

Welcome to the world, PDH

Ok, not what I was planning to write, but I just got an email that one of my best friends just became a new father. This is very cool. Unfortunately, he is in danger of becoming a Republican. Nobody’s perfect. This is very cool, can I say that again?

Hobnobbing among the elite

EDIT (2-8-2008) – I don’t reveal my own name directly in this site, so it’s not fair that I named my friends. Therefore, I’m editing this entry now.

[Had a link to the New York Times society page, because I thought it was cool that I’d gone to a wedding featured in the NYT].

I just returned from Capon Springs, West Virginia, where I attended M and S’s wedding. There were 250 or so guests, including 31 MDs and lots of politicos. I didn’t really do much hobnobbing other than with my friends, although I recall making an ass of myself when meeting M’s boss, Congressman __ __ (D-__). I don’t really think he cared too much about Durham, North Carolina politics, particularly as explained by one of M’s inebriated fraternity brothers. I did learn from a colleague of M’s (whose name I will not disclose) that Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) has quoted Popeye from the Senate floor.

I’ll have some pictures up on Flickr soon enough.

Why I don’t throw stuff out

Because if I did, I might never have listened to this cassette recording I have of me, Godot, Jason, and Yo rating songs for my Top 200 as we drove from Durham all the way up to RPI in Troy, NY for fall break in 1996.

This tape is hilarious, and it reminds me of a time I remember fondly. If only I had more memories from college like this.


I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. I have felt very uncomfortable having a Livejournal “friends” list that includes individuals who are either unable to relate to me or to whom I am unable to relate. Most people on Livejournal don’t take their journalling/blogging all that seriously, and they certainly don’t think much about who is populating the ranks of their LJ friends. But I take what I write and whom might be reading what I write very seriously. I know I’m not the kind of person who is going to accumulate a lot of friends, either online or in the physical world. It does sadden me to have been on this site for three years and have a net balance of just nineteen people across the globe whom I’ve allowed into my mind. I’m more saddened to accept that many of these nineteen people fall into those categories of those I initially mentioned. Either knowing you in person or having related to you once upon a time or vice versa are not good reasons for maintaining this specific connection, the “LJ friendship”. I’m sorry if this is upsetting. I’m sorry if this is not upsetting. Livejournal is a tool I use for a very personal purpose, and I need my F-list to serve a specific purpose.