Turns out bacon is bad for you

Wendy's BaconatorYes, this is breaking news. Stunning news. Bacon and hot dogs and processed meats are bad for you!

I’ve really got to cut it out. No more bacon. I’m sure I tried this some years back. Time to try again.

There’s plenty of things related to my health that I have no control over. Getting a “Bacon and Blue” burger at Wendy’s is not one of them. It is not “moderation” simply because I avoid the Baconator.

Hoping to shame myself into adopting some better eating habits.

Oh, I did, indeed try this before. On January 10, 2008, I declared that I was done with all pork products. I think that lasted two or three months.


Kataifi at XIOS

Photo from about.com.

I decided to try a desert other than baklava at Apex’s wonderful Greek restaurant XIOS (ΧΙΩΣ).

I tried the kataifi, which the menu describes as:

“Shredded phyllo stuffed with walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg topped with powdered sugar and light syrup”.

So good!

Just felt like sharing.

Cause of death: Grey Poupon

I tried to ingest some lunch after 2:30 this afternoon–a turkey sandwich with some grey poupon. The back of my throat began to swell up. I did not have a complete anaphylactic reaction, but it felt like it was headed in that direction. I’ve never had such a reaction, or any reaction, from mustard before, unless you count that ridiculously hot mustard you can find at some Chinese restaurants. Some googling informs me that mustard is the fourth leading food allergy after eggs, peanuts, and milk. There is a complex course of treatment for this allergy–AVOID MUSTARD. I guess I’ll have to give up my lifelong fantasy of exchanging Grey Poupon on a country road. (If that sounded dirty, I didn’t mean for it to).