All things are possible with Dog

Was going to be excited to post something from RunKeeper, would’ve been the first thing I logged in a year…but the GPS went haywire and logged three times farther than Moksha and I actually went. First real run/walk with Moksha. Will need to force myself to do more of these. And perhaps and actually blog for real. This was going to be a Facebook post but then I realized I could just as easily post this to WordPress.




Speaking of self-confidence, I paid for a gym membership yesterday. I’ve done this before, maybe eight or nine times over the past many years. I never quite get my money’s worth. Sometimes I’ll even pay months and months of fees just for the knowledge that I potentially could go the gym. This is king of like how my bike purchase has turned out.

And I even have a decent free gym at work. But it’s completely unrealistic to expect that, after 20 years of not being a morning person, I suddenly will become one. It’s not open late. It’s not open on weekends. And I’m still at work. So I’ve paid for a gym membership. I shall go. I shall go and stay for more than 20 minutes. And I shall not use going to the gym as an excuse to eat Randy’s Pizza twice a week.

Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #3 New Bike


Back in May 1996, I acquired two expensive but worthwhile items. One was Aremid. I suppose he was worth it; the jury’s still out. Just kidding, Big Baby Aremid.

I also bought a bike. I was living off campus and had a job on campus, maybe less than a mile away. Bike transportation was ideal. Unfortunately, I left my bike unchained for one night, and, after less than a month of ownership, the bike was gone.

I have meant to acquire another bike for several years. More than several years. It’s now 15 years later, and I have a bike again. Nine days ago, Rob helped me pick out the right bike. I know nothing about bicycles, and Rob knows everything, so I trust him. I’ve got a helmet and a lock and a water bottle holder and front and back lights, so I’m all set.

I’m all set other than having not ridden a bike in 15 years. I’ve never really ridden a bike in trafficked areas. I’ve never encountered the steep sort of hills that surround my block in three out of four directions. So the first time I attempted a ride, the few minutes my ride lasted for exhausting. This probably has to do with me being grossly out-of-shape, as well.

I think I’ve got to get the bike to the American Tobacco Trail so I can ride a level surface. At least the worst of the summer heat is behind us; I can’t imagine riding in it. After nine months of riding, perhaps I’ll be up for those conditions.

Baseline 2

Starting last Tuesday and continuing indefinitely, every Tuesday and Thursday (my non-dialysis days) will include at least one of the following activities:

Swing dancing

Gym @work

This seems like a simple plan to get moving and do something I enjoy. It’s anything but. How I get through a five-day work week now with 12 hours of dialysis screwing up three of the five days is beyond me. Some weeks, I simply don’t. And for this reason, I’ll never save up a week of vacation days to go on a much-needed extended trip. My new activities could energize me to the point of making the rest of the week a breeze. Or they could exhaust me to the point of collapse.

We’ll see.

Like Red says, Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Why that picture? It’s Florence Henderson, and she’s lovely, so STFU.


Congratulations on completing this comprehensive fitness assessment. The following report will cover a variety of topics related to enhancing your health and fitness. A summary of your results is displayed below.

Your Fitness Classification
Well Below Avg Below Average Above Average Well Above Avg
Aerobic 65
Body Comp 35
Strength 45
Flexibility 1

The chart shown above displays your fitness classification compared to other people of your same age and gender. This information is based on norms from the American College of Sports Medicine. The number to the right of the bar indicates a percentile rating (higher values are better).
Frankly, I’m astonished that I’m “above average” in any fitness category.

Let’s see if I can improve upon on any of these.