Feline Health Update

Aremid New Perch (3) 2011.03.03Aremid’s hyperthyroidism may be under control, but his weight continues to drop. Today, he weighed in at the vet at a scary new low of 7 pounds, 3 ounces. He has a healthy appetite, but everything seems to pass through him too quickly. Today, he was just in for a blood pressure check. He’ll be back in next Thursday for an ultrasound. Who knows what we’ll find…and I don’t know what’s next if we don’t find anything. It’s been 15 years, but I’m need him to stick around for another few years.

Aremid Couch 2011.03.03
Yes, he’s very skinny now.

Aremid stretched out in bed
Aremid, circa 2001

Cat litter and surgery recovery and cat pics

2011.02.13 Aremid on me on couch 08Aremid’s weight is “stable” at 7 pounds and 6 ounces, and since his T levels are stable, the vet has no further treatment course right now. I hate to pay for more blood tests, but I’ve got to figure something out. Even Aremid is doing relatively ok, I can’t deal with his urine output.

A 14-lb box of cat litter used to last me two weeks for two cats, many years ago. Now, a 25-lb box lasts five or six days.

This has been a problem for a long time, but it’s been a huge problem over the last couple of weeks. I’ve needed help with the ridiculous matter of procuring, scooping, and dumping cat litter, and I haven’t been asking for it. For every 25-lb box, there’s buying it, bringing it inside, pouring it, scooping it, and throwing a garbage bag full of it into the trash.

I was given very little in the way of instructions for recovering from my surgery. One clear instruction was to avoid lifting heavy objects, mainly anything over 14 pounds. I’ve now lifted “heavy objects” at least a half-dozen times in the past week or two. This may have something to do with lingering abdominal pain I’m having that isn’t responsive to my pain meds and makes me feel as if my old kidney is still there.

I know the obvious response is that I should’ve asked for help with X or Y. It’s seemed ridiculous, though. Come all the way over here to my house because I need help getting the trash bag into the trash bin. Come to Petsmart to help me buy cat litter. (Oh, there was Herman’s 30-pound bag of food, too).

I’m doing a really lousy job of recovering from this surgery. I keep putting off emailing my manager just to confirm that I’ll be back on Monday, because, I’m wondering if I can really make that commitment.

I never really got the kind of rest I needed.

And now…some recent photos of my excessive-urine-producing cat…resting on me as I attempt to rest…

2011.02.13 Aremid on me on couch 02

2011.02.13 Aremid on me on couch bw 1

2011.02.13 Aremid on me on couch bw 2

2011.02.13 Aremid on me on couch 09

2011.02.13 Aremid on me on couch Herman in bg 04

Friskies Party Mix / Feline Hyperthyroidism Update

Aremid digs the Party Mix

Mom sent some Friskies Party Mix in her holiday care package. The idea that cats need their own party mix is a little disturbing, as is the psycho kitty pictured on the package. But Aremid, with his hyperthyroidism not under control, could use all the calories he can get, and he loves the Party Mix. And the Target bag that Mom’s goodies came in.

Aremid’s T4 level is still elevated, which explains why he consumes massive quantities of water, I buy massive quantities of litter, and he is stuck at 7½ pounds when he was once around 11 and the vet would like to see him at 9.

So we will increase his dosage of methimazole. And I’m sure the Party Mix will help. Thanks, Mom!

Feline hyperthyroidism update

Aremid was not happy to visit the vet today, but I needed to get him a check-up. He weighs just 7 pounds, 10 ounces, about the same as he was a couple of months ago, but down half a pound from six months ago (and down about three pounds from where he was for about a dozen years). He hasn’t gotten any worse, so the vet thinks if I’m just more vigilant about giving Aremid his methimazole pills, he’ll put a little weight back on.

This update is really just an excuse to post a video of a cat having a miserable time at the vet…

And a photo of Aremid hiding under the exam room sink…

Feline Hyperthyroidism Update

Aremid had his thyroid levels checked at the vet yesterday, and they were “great”, according to my super-vet, Dr. Wendy. I had been worried because he didn’t seem to have gained much weight over the past couple of months, and, in fact, he only gained four ounces. Aremid used be a 10-11-pound cat, and now he’s under 9. But Dr. Wendy says he’s fine, and approaching 14-year-old, he’s going to be a bony cat; that’s all. Yay, Aremid.

Dr. Wendy Simpson, by the way, owns the Morrisville Cat Hospital. Why do I go all the way to Morrisville? Because Dr. Wendy’s the best health care provider I’ve ever seen, regardless of species specialty. I go lots of miles to go to Morrisville, but she’s always gone the extra mile with Aremid and Zellouisa, and I feel very fortunate to have my senior cats’ health in her hands.

Repeat Aremid video from April 2008: