Romney Bullshit on Pre-existing Conditions

Yes, I do think Obama was pummeled by Romney in presentation and style tonight, and it’s not my intention to analyze it. I just can’t let Romney’s bullshit about pre-existing conditions slide.

Romney “lengthy description” of his plan on his website, as he alluded to during the debate, is only 369 words, and it states

Prevent discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions who maintain continuous coverage

If Romney “appeals Obamacare”, we’d just revert back to the old status quo, which I’ve been intimately acquainted with for the past 15 years or so. You must retain “continuous” coverage  to avoid losing coverage for pre-existing conditions. Continuous coverage means you can’t have a gap of more than 63 days. It means that a person struggling to get by who loses his job has to figure out a way to pay $500-$1000/month for COBRA coverage to continue affordable treatment for his or his family member’s cancer treatments. A snafu once put my continuous coverage in jeopardy years back. It would have been disastrous, as it has been disastrous for tens of millions of Americans over the years.

Again, people would pre-existing conditions would not be protected under Romney’s “plan”.


To paraphrase Michelle Obama, I have never been more proud of any President.

Hours after North Carolina embarrassed itself, the President of the United States took a surprising stand by declaring definitively that he supports marriage equality. Say what you will about the potential political calculation of the statement. EVERYTHING a President says on record is politically calculated. This doesn’t mean President Obama would not have said it if he didn’t mean it.

There are plenty of reasons to think this will hurt Obama politically. Then again, you will have a President who has made some gutsy decisions versus a candidate who is the antithesis of gutsy. Then again, there are supposedly a whole army of disillusioned young people who might have been staying home in 2012. I don’t think they will now. Who is against marriage equality and was planning to vote for Obama as of yesterday, anyway?

Even if Obama loses, for whatever reasons, he has just done something monumental in American history. 61% of North Carolinians and roughly half of all Americans will ultimately be on the wrong side of history. Obama just taken a stand for what is right and just.

I think I might finally click on one of those Barack and Michelle ads and tell them “I’m all in.”

John Owens for Durham County Commissioner

I am wading into local politics for the first time in a few years, and I would appreciate it if you could take a minute to visit Team Owens, the page for Durham County Commissioner candidate John Owens.

I have known John since he moved to Durham. He is intelligent and well-educated on the issues facing Durham. He is young, but politically experienced. The average age of a Durham County Commissioner is roughly 60, and we need fresh leadership. John came to Durham because, of all the places coast-to-coast, he felt this was the right place to raise his family. He is not an establishment candidate. He may be the most progressive candidate, but he is also thoughtul and takes a nuanced approach to complicated issues.

I think he’ll make Durham proud as a great County Commissioner.

I wish I could tune out politics

I haven’t watched any of the 17 or 18 GOP debates. I certainly follow what’s going on. I read news stories and commentaries and hear way too much on NPR, who, to my annoyance, give these guys a fair shake. Most of what they say is repulsive to me.

I turned on the CNN debate earlier (via the web).

Romney, defending his Bain record of creating jobs to wild applause, got even bigger applause when he spoke of shoving capitalism down Obama’s throat in the general election campaign.

Santorum then chimed in that Obama was responsible for the squalor that too many Americans were living in.

I turned it off. I didn’t even wait for Newt to make his pandering over-the-top racist comment-of-the-hour.

McCain was the Dalai Lama compared to these guys. At least he’d tell supporters to calm down and that they were wrong when they’d say Obama was a Muslim or a terrorist who’d destroy America.

I don’t even like Obama all that much, but the tone of the GOP is so nasty.

UPDATE I recommend Andrew Sullivan’s commentary. It informs me and validates my disgust at the same time.