WordPress 3.0 / Toastiest 5.0

PurpleI’ve been working on the new theme. The theme came with a dark-reddish blackground. I figured I’d go with that. Change is good. But then I figured I could alter that image to make it close to the blue that I have currently. So I tried to do that. After some analysis, I realized I had a purple-ish background, not a blue one.

My red-green colorblindness has impaired me in important decision-making from time to time over the years. One problem has been that I sometimes do not initially realize that a shade of purple is, in fact purple, rather than blue.

In this case, I figured, what the heck, I will go with purple.

Purple can be manly. Then again, what is “manly”? Interestingly enough, that will be the subject, I think, of my minister friend’s sermon tomorrow. If I can get out of bed, I really plan to go to this service in the morning. I’ll ask her about purple tomorrow, and what that might say about me.