Uncrappy Prius

I have meant to add a quick note mentioning that my Prius turns out not to have been crappy after all. It did not need a new hybrid battery or anything else exceptionally pricey, just a new 12-V battery. It was still a painful episode, but the mechanic said my car was in decent shape overall, and so I am in-like with it again. But I think I might be in love with the 2009 Honda Fit. The wise decision is probably to keep the Prius for awhile longer. But I’m only gonna live once, and I’d like to drive more cars in my lifetime as opposed to less; I’m itching for a change. Alas, I had a much more insightful meditation on automobiles in my head over the past week, but this is all I’m putting up here for now.


Quick Email to Car Dealer

[“Internet Sales Manager”],

When I fill out a form on the internet asking for a quote, I want a quote, not a series of form emails telling me how great [local Honder dealer] is. I think I can trust that the best deal is to be found elsewhere. I don’t really care about free car washes.


New Year’s Brain Cloud / Conan on Hyundais

Has anyone ever had the experience of their brain completely certain that an event was occurring on a particular day, when, in reality, the event was to occur several days later?

I had been certain I had a potluck I was missing back on Thursday. This morning, I learned the potluck is on Sunday. Every listing of the even in email and elsewhere confirms this. Yet, my brain read “New Year’s”, meant as a generic descriptor, as “New Year’s Eve”.

Anyway, I still have a Crock-Pot dish to make for Sunday, now.

And today, I’ll drive my Hyundai Elantra rental around on a day off to possibly look at some Honda Fits. I went to Carmax yesterday and got a few ideas. I actually like the Hyundai, although I was taken aback watching Conan O’Brien last night (a rerun) when he made a crack about men who drive Hyundais. I shall Google it…

From Late Night with Conan O’Brien:

According to a new study that just came out, men who have heated seats in their cars may be reducing the amount of sperm their testicles produce. Of course, guys who drive a Hyundai shouldn’t worry because nobody wants your sperm anyways.

– 09.08.08

Crappy Prius (really)

It really is a crappy Prius. I do not know the details yet and won’t until at least Monday. My 2002 Prius had some sort of electrical short which completely drained the battery, according to the mechanic I had the car towed to today. The special hybrid battery probably isn’t under warranty anymore and will cost a couple grand to replace. Even if the worst-case scenario does not come to pass, the fix is liable to be expensive. I will seriously contemplate purchasing another vehicle over the next few days.

I’m renting a car tomorrow. I did a kayak.com search and then Pricelined for a few dollars a day lower. I kinda need to get around, especially considering I’m taking Friday off from work, and in less than two weeks, I’ll be having surgery which will render my unproductive for who-knows-how-long. I need for the next couple of weeks to be productive, so I need a vehicle.

I’m off to a New Year’s thing now. I will briefly try to forget that I just went through a year in which my grandmother passed away and I went through three surgeries, and that I’ll be entering a year in which my body is likely to deteriorate further and absolutely nothing about anything gets at all easier.

I’ll have happy thoughts some other time. I realize the fact that I refer to a Prius as crappy says just about everything you need to know about me…

Crappy Prius

I have an automobile emergency (well, it’s safely parked in the driveway; just doesn’t start), and I’ve been trying for an hour to call the nearby repair shop that often gets recommended. Unfortunately, I keep getting a recording:

“Lines are temporary busy”.

I do not want to deal with a Toyota dealership and paid twice as much as the parts and service needed warrant. I finally want to give this local shop some business, and their phone line is screwed up.

So much for a Crock-pot surprise. I don’t really have the time or mindset to deal with it. I’ll have to do the lame thing and go to Costco or Whole Foods and get something that someone else made for this potluck I’m going to later.

I’m being facetious with my subject. My Prius has been mostly great. I’ve taken pretty crappy care of it.