Black Friday Shenanigans

Here’s one Black Friday sale item I would not mind having:

I mean, anything for Aremid.

The only problem…I can find no evidence that this product exists outside of Petsmart’s Black Friday sale. Whiskey City seems to have produced this particular cat tree exclusively for Petsmart to sell on Black Friday. So, “Save 50%, Regular $129.99”? I call shenanigans. This has never sold for $129.99. This will never sell for $129.99.

Here’s something else I can use, a new carry-on suitcase. I’d like a Samsonite because the crappy luggage I buy never lasts more than 2-3 years.

But this “Glyde” item? It apparently only exists at Kohl’s. So there is no evidence that this Black Friday price is any less than you would pay anywhere else. Shenanigans.

Not that I planned on going to any Black Friday sales. If I really needed a new TV or tablet, I can see how there are decent deals out there. Acutally, no, I don’t see, because I have no idea how much they’re supposed to be going for. If anyone had a Black Friday deal on a Chromebook, I might be interested. I see no such evidence of one of those, those lots of people staked out domains that include the terms “blackfriday” and “chromebook”. The internet is full of shenanigans.