Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #3 New Bike


Back in May 1996, I acquired two expensive but worthwhile items. One was Aremid. I suppose he was worth it; the jury’s still out. Just kidding, Big Baby Aremid.

I also bought a bike. I was living off campus and had a job on campus, maybe less than a mile away. Bike transportation was ideal. Unfortunately, I left my bike unchained for one night, and, after less than a month of ownership, the bike was gone.

I have meant to acquire another bike for several years. More than several years. It’s now 15 years later, and I have a bike again. Nine days ago, Rob helped me pick out the right bike. I know nothing about bicycles, and Rob knows everything, so I trust him. I’ve got a helmet and a lock and a water bottle holder and front and back lights, so I’m all set.

I’m all set other than having not ridden a bike in 15 years. I’ve never really ridden a bike in trafficked areas. I’ve never encountered the steep sort of hills that surround my block in three out of four directions. So the first time I attempted a ride, the few minutes my ride lasted for exhausting. This probably has to do with me being grossly out-of-shape, as well.

I think I’ve got to get the bike to the American Tobacco Trail so I can ride a level surface. At least the worst of the summer heat is behind us; I can’t imagine riding in it. After nine months of riding, perhaps I’ll be up for those conditions.