Here’s’s website from over the weekend. They want this year’s election to be Obama vs. Palin. This is pretty ridiculous, but…ok. Voters of America, make your choice: brilliant and level-headed but occasionally spineless vs. bat-shit crazy and completely ignorant.

I’m pissed at President Obama and the Democratic Party for a number of reasons. But they have gotten some things done over the past two years. I am certain the country is in much better than it would have been under McCain-Palin and a Republican Congress. And I do think it will be disastrous if the GOP regains control of either house of Congress.


Richard Burr stands for nothing and proudly thinks of himself as a roadblock to Congress. Retire Burr and vote for Elaine Marshall.

David Price has been representing the Triangle for 22 years. He works hard, albeit uncharismatically, behind-the-scenes for health care reform and jobs for his region. A vote for Lawson is a vote for a GOP Congress which is going to spend the next two years trying to gut anything positive the law Congress did, as well as launch pointless investigations into the Obama administration. Think climate change is real, and we need to do something about it? A GOP Congress absolutely will do nothing. And they’ll probably try hard to strip existing powers away from the EPA.

The stakes are huge. Vote for Republicans, and you are voting for the party of:
Rand Paul, who’d have voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, created his own ophthalmologic certification so he could be a legitimate eye doctor, and whose supports stomp on the heads of opponents.
Sharron Angle, who wants to abolish the federal income tax code, phase out Social Security for younger workers and eliminate the Education Department.
Ken Buck, who believes being gay is a choice and compared it to alcoholism.
Christine O’Donnell, who was unaware that the First Amendment calls for the separation of Church and State.
Mitch McConnell, who stated that the primary goal of the next Congress would be to make President Obama a one-term President. He did not speak to improving healthcare or even creating an improved tax code. The GOP’s primary goal is to stop Obama, at every step of the way.

And that’s all Burr and Lawson would do, content to keep this country in a ditch.

Pro-choice in the Triangle? Don’t even think about voting for Lawson

Yeah, I know people aren’t enthusiastic about voting this year. I’m not. Please do it anyway.

I know David Price isn’t the most charismatic guy in the world. He votes a progressive agenda and generally has done a good job of representing the Triangle, but…hmmm…maybe he’s been in D.C. too long… Who’s this young, chipper guy B.J. Lawson who runs every two years? He can’t be that bad. (After all, his wife looks like Tipper Gore.) A Republican running in this district has to be moderate, right?

Well, here’s Lawson on reproductive rights:

We can either be a pro-life culture or a pro-death culture. I choose life. Only in extreme cases should abortion be considered and only as a medical decision where the health and life of the mother are in jeopardy. In cases of rape or incest, I believe there is a difference between emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy versus termination of a known and viable pregnancy. In any case, I believe the federal government should define life as beginning at conception, and leave strategies for reducing abortions to state governments.

I know I’ve got friends who will vote for Lawson, in some part of large part, because of this position. But I’m betting the majority of the people I know and who will vote find this position to be at least bit disturbing.

In any event, I think we can all agree that 2/3 of B.J. Lawson’s platform is B.S.:
Less Government…really?
More Freedom…uh, huh.

If you would like to hear from the candidates, Bull City Rising is co-sponsoring a debate this Friday evening. It was this BCR post that pointed me to Lawson’s positions. If you lean left, as I do, or don’t tend to lean in any particular direction, I hope you’ll realize that it really is in our best interest to keep David Price in the House representing us.

On a related note, it sure is uncomfortable blogging about such a sensitive subject. I want to add a note to those people I know who are “pro-life” (I really do hate both the labels “pro-life” and “pro-choice”). One can think abortion is horrible and believe that one would never have one or condone a partner having one or condone anyone they know having one and still believe the government should not determine when and under which circumstances women can have the procedure. Some people are firm in being at the absolute ends of the spectrum of this debate. I don’t care to state for the record exactly where I stand. But I do know that this candidate’s position, and I do respect that he has a very specific, on-the-record position, scares the hell out of me.