Slug porn

As promised, I present pictures of slugs copulating. This is perhaps the most exciting topic I have ever blogged or shall ever blog about.

Slugs copulating 1 Slugs copulating 2I did not realize initially that this slimy mass was actually two slugs. I had no idea what it was. It seemed too big to be one slug. It didn’t quite seem like a snake, and I didn’t think snakes hung from mucous. I was not adventurous enough to get close enough to observe.

Slugs copulating 3I saw the blob shift in shape a few times, but I really didn’t know what it was. Not until the blog separately into two, with one hitting the porch floor with a light thud, did I recognize two distinct organisms.

Slugs copulating 4 Once I saw the enlarged photos, it seemed like it should’ve been obvious.

Slugs copulating 5Slugs copulating 6Anyway, as with the spider, I don’t know anything about slugs. But I am assuming they were having sex.

Slugs copulating 7Slugs copulating 8Maybe they were having a discussion about health care. I don’t know.

Not so itsy-bitsy spider

Spider 2

Does anyone know anything about spiders? I saw this in my front yard today. It’s quite a beautiful creature, complete with a huge perfect web and everything. It’s not like one of those stringy messes I’m used to seeing at the top of my front door.

Spider 1Spider 3Spider 4

Tomorrow on Toastie’s Wide World of Wildlife: Slugs having sex. Seriously. I was going to put that in this post, but I figured I’d milk my nature-photo goldmine for a couple of days.