Who wants to foster/adopt a dog, right now?

No comment on the “owner” of this dog. My blood pressure is high enough as it is.

(from a local list-serv)

This poor guy needs a home

We picked up a dog on 9th St. Sunday night after his owner dumped him out of the car and drove off, leaving him chasing behind. We picked him up, cut the rope collar out of his fur, and brought him home. Unfortunately, we already have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a newborn baby, and a small house and can’t keep him, so we’re looking to get him somewhere warm and friendly ASAP. We estimate that he’s 1-2 years old. A black & tan with brendle accents that might include border collie, shepherd/husky, and boxer? He behaves well in the car and on a leash and seems to have a good overall temperament. We’d rather not take him to the shelter if we can find a loving home fast enough. If you’ve got room for a dog, please get in touch soon.

CONTACT: dhfoster@duke.edu or 919.286.9985



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Rarely, if ever, have I Flickr-blogged someone else’s photo. And it’s been many months since my Flickr addiction subsided. But Bigode is one of my favorite cats on the interwebs, and I think this latest shot is terrific. So, there…

A Flickr favorite

Rest Stop Cats (5)
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I just was invited to a group for photos with 700+ views, and I ignored it, because I KNOW I don’t have any photos with that many views, not even close (I knew one “game” photo has about 200 views, but my most popular “normal” photos have no more than 50 or so views). But apparently, this I-85 rest stop cat photo has been viewed 1416 times! How? Why? I shall investigate.

EDIT: It looks like someone posted this on a Japanese blog or RSS feed, but obviously no one clicked on it and looked at any of the other I-85 rest stop pics. Strange.

More Wake County SPCA Cats!

[I accidentally posted this to my LJ instead of to the community, but since it’s here, I’ll leave it, as it represents what I’ve spent my morning working on. I’ve been doing the Petsmart thing for over two months now, and I don’t feel like I’m doing much at all to help get these cats adopted, other than possibly making them a little more receptive to potential adopters by giving them some TLC. So this is my small effort. The Wake County Animal Shelter (not to be confused with the Wake County SPCA) has a wonderful volunteer named Barb who encouraged me to adopt Herman, and she said it really made her day that Herman was finally going home, that it made all the visits worthwhile. So if I ever manage to help get one animal adopted, I’ll feel as if I’ve done something).

I posted about Bainbridge a couple of weeks ago, and a bunch of people at least looked at her photos, so I’m going to post about a few more cats that I know from their stay at the Capital Blvd Petsmart. All I do is visit them every other week so that they get some attention, but I don’t feel as though I’m really helping them to get adopted. Thus, this post.

Tucker – 3 yr old male

Cavanaugh – 1 yr old male

Uhura – 2 yr old female (has been at Petsmart for at least six weeks) — Video of Uhura
Patagonia – 3 yr old female (has been at Petsmart for at least six weeks)

Mr. T the Terrier

Mr. T 001
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The Orange County shelter isn’t going to let me adopt him, unless he warms up to me, which he hasn’t done in two visits now. I’m a little disappointed that they don’t take into consideration that it’s likely this little guy was mistreated by a man and fears all men (there are no men working at the shelter, so he pretty much loves everyone there), rather than assuming I’m just bad for him. I got the impression that the Orange County people don’t want me getting any dog from their shelter.

More pics of him

Mr. T

I fell badly for this little guy yesterday at the Orange County animal shelter. I wasn’t looking for a little dog, but…

I will probably visit him in a little while.

My new dog (in a parallel universe)

I wanted to take Mollie home
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If I had gotten my act together sooner this morning and gotten out to Garner before some family did, I might very well have Mollie with me right now.

More pics of Mollie

I could’ve also taken home a black lab-mix puppy (pictures forthcoming) or a beagle-hound mix.

And I came close to breaking my “no third cat” rule, too.

Quite a day of possibilities.