King for a day

Yesterday, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs unchained its 1000th dog. I’ve got a bunch of pictures and a video from the occasion, which had around 75 volunteers and visitors from Durham and beyond. I want to share those, but I’ve got one perfect picture of the celebrated canine, and it deserves its own post. This is King.

CTUD 1000th - King


39 months

39 months in the pen

Now that the weather is cooler, I leave the windows open some, and so I hear Jade barking. She has been in her pen since late June 2007. Durham County’s landmark anti-tethering ordinance (which also requires dogs to be placed in adequately-sized enclosures) has been in full-effect since July 1. Or has it?

Three Cats and Daffodils

Three Cats and Daffodils
Herman and I often encounter these neighborhood cats, but have never seen all three lined up in a row like this. I wish we’d been able to get closer, but the cats would’ve gotten anxious and run off if they had realized Herman was stalking them.

A hopeful sign

In three years, Herman really hasn’t gotten along with any dogs, let alone share a couch with two of them. Sure, there was plenty of drama, with lots of panting and whimpering and a little bit of rumbling. But that he could eventually sit fur to fur with one dog and three feet from another is kinda miraculous. Thanks to D & R for their patience in allowing Herman and his social ineptitude (and me) into their home.

Herman and Friends 2009 Oct 04

8 Favorite Flickr pet photos of 2007

I was designating someone’s photo on Flickr as a “favorite” recently, and I thought that perhaps I could come up with a quick list of my Top 10 Flickr Photos of 2007. I figured it would simple enough, that I’d just need to go through whatever photos I had marked a favorite in the past year.

I encountered a few obstacles to this being a quick task. First, my Flickr activity dropped off considerably in 2007 after a few months of Flickr addition in 2006. I didn’t mark that many photos as favorites in 2007. Second, such a list ought to only include photos taken in 2007. Many photos I have favorited even recently are not recent photos. Flickr, for all its inventiveness, does not have a function to search photo sets by date range. Finally, a review of what I had favorited only produced about five photos. So then I went to my contact list and picked out a few more photos. But then I couldn’t even come up with ten, particularly because I didn’t want to select more than one per contact, and I don’t have so many contacts.

Low and behold, every photo on my list is pet photo. How very original of me. I have a great appreciation for photography, but I don’t spend much time browsing Flickr for photos of artistic merit. This is not to say that my selections are lacking, artistically. It’s just not a particularly diverse set, when one considers the nearly infinite pool I could’ve chosen from. Maybe I’ll start subscribing to some photo feeds so I can appreciate more photos in 2008.

These are in no particular order.