Pit bulls wreak havoc at Ohio shelter

I wish the people who raised these dogs could be punished by throwing them in the cages with the dogs. What kind of human waste is entertained by a dog fight? What kind of vile person raises animals for the purpose of fighting other animals?

I imagine these dogs will ultimately need to be destroyed. They cannot be rehabilitated.

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Super Size Me

It’s on MSNBC of all places. I guess their “Doc Bloc” actually will have real documentaries on occasion and not just “prison stories”.

Speaking of fast food, I have a New Year’s Resolution. I usually believe these are silly, since they’re typically unreasonable, and no one ever keeps them, but I truly believe in mine.

No more beef. No more pork.

On December 31, 2006, I had a steak, egg, and cheese bagel at McDonald’s for breakfast. I love those. Truly. That was my last one. For lunch, I had a delicious all-beef kosher hot dog at Costco. That was my last one. For dinner, I had my first and last blue-cheese-crusted filet mignon. It was fabulous.

No more. Cows are people, too. Ok, no, they’re not. And neither are pigs. But they’re mammals. They’re tasty, but they’re mammals. No more mammals in my belly. Besides, eating meat, in general, isn’t so good for my health.

So I’ll be eating a lot of chicken and turkey and fish in 2007. Plans to give up all meat, or at least the birds? No, not now. But I’m guessing that taking the step to eliminate beef and pork and our other warm-blooded furry friends will have been useful should I ever decide to completely eliminate meat from my diet.

More Wake County SPCA Cats!

[I accidentally posted this to my LJ instead of to the community, but since it’s here, I’ll leave it, as it represents what I’ve spent my morning working on. I’ve been doing the Petsmart thing for over two months now, and I don’t feel like I’m doing much at all to help get these cats adopted, other than possibly making them a little more receptive to potential adopters by giving them some TLC. So this is my small effort. The Wake County Animal Shelter (not to be confused with the Wake County SPCA) has a wonderful volunteer named Barb who encouraged me to adopt Herman, and she said it really made her day that Herman was finally going home, that it made all the visits worthwhile. So if I ever manage to help get one animal adopted, I’ll feel as if I’ve done something).

I posted about Bainbridge a couple of weeks ago, and a bunch of people at least looked at her photos, so I’m going to post about a few more cats that I know from their stay at the Capital Blvd Petsmart. All I do is visit them every other week so that they get some attention, but I don’t feel as though I’m really helping them to get adopted. Thus, this post.

Tucker – 3 yr old male

Cavanaugh – 1 yr old male

Uhura – 2 yr old female (has been at Petsmart for at least six weeks) — Video of Uhura
Patagonia – 3 yr old female (has been at Petsmart for at least six weeks)