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Herman 2000-2014

This will be on the pet profile site soon, but I’ve been playing around with it outside of that. This is more of the clean, crisp pet memorial page I wanted when I started thinking about the pet profile project over the summer. More to come on that. February 14 was the one-year anniversary of Herman’s death, so I thought it was fitting to use him as my test subject. This is working pretty well on mobile devices, though I need to do some mobile landscape view tweaking.

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Pets on canvas

I finally used my credit for five 16×20 canvas prints from mypix2canvas.com which operates locally out of Apex. I had already had one previous canvas of Herman and Aremid together. I spent awhile trying to figure out how I’d arrange these six prints. Two rows of three is what I had planned for months. Ultimately, I realized that one just didn’t fit.

So these five are together:


Aremid gets the most wall-space, and the prints are arranged in a sort-of symmmetry: Aremid-Zellouisa-Herman-Aremid-Zellouisa-Herman-Aremid.

And Mr. F gets his own corner:



I won’t blog the ridiculous collection of photos of Mr. Featherbottom that I’ve amassed since September. I don’t even feel compelled to go through them. His ridiculous poses beg to be photographed. He really deserves his own Tumblr. I don’t even know how to create a Tumblr.

I’ll just skip ahead to a couple of days ago…

Yes, he’s getting fat. I’d cut his food, but he and Z share the food, and I can’t separate them as Z barely eats anything when I leave her alone…

Mr Featherbottom 1-8-2013 8-36-54 PM

Mr Featherbottom 1-8-2013 8-36-32 PM

Mr Featherbottom 1-8-2013 8-34-15 PM

Tulum Part 14 / Hidden Worlds (11/12/11)

Into 2013, and I’m still going through the motions of finishing off blog posts that have been on the To-Do list for 13 months.

These pics are repetitive. In a day of skycycling through tree canopies and, zip-lining and rappelling into underwater caves (lots of fun), I mostly just got a lot of pictures of skycycling. I think my camera battery died after that activity. Skycycling is traversing a zipline using the power of pedaling. Crammed into a little cabin, it’s an exhausting venture, and it probably gave me the superficial blood clot that was diagnosed a couple of weeks later. Anyway, here’s Part 14 of the Tulum photo blogging series, from Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park.

The whole set of Hidden Worlds photos on Flickr

Hidden Worlds
Entrance building welcome cat

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds
Pedaling, with EA in front of me

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds
Tree canopy

Hidden Worlds
What goes up must come down

Aremid & Me (2011.02.18)

Yes, I still miss my cat. And back in February 2011, I was recovering from my first nephrectomy, and I had just gotten my new camera, and I was taking a ton of pictures, many of which I uploaded to Flickr. But there were many I hadn’t. And, yes, I basically I had a photo session with Aremid, who, himself, was not doing so well, having begun his decline which would basically last for a year-and-a-half.

Yes, he had food on his nose, and I didn’t realize it for weeks until my vet told me.

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 (5-cin)

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 2

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 (3)

Tulum Part 13 / Downtown Tulum (11/12/11)

The day after the wedding, and before the outing to Adventure World, I took a drive by myself to downtown Tulum. Not a whole lot to see, and yet it WAS a lot to see, since, in my little American bubble, I haven’t seen much of life outside the U.S. I’m well-aware that simply going into the less-touristy downtown area of a resort town is hardly experiencing the life of the locals, but I felt like I somewhat got away from the tourist thing for about 90 minutes.

Downtown Tulum Village Dog
Village dog

Antojitos La Tuxtlequita Tulum MX
I had breakfast at Antojitos La Tuxtlequita. It was adequate.

Breakfast at Antojitos La Tuxtlequita in Downtown Tulum 11-12-2011 9-49-41 AM
Huevos motuleños

Downtown Tulum 11-12-2011 9-45-08 AM
I feel I failed to capture the excitement of downtown Tulum

Tulum morning 11-12-2011 9-08-01 AM
Not Downtown Tulum, but it was from that morning, outside of my hotel

Tulum Wedding - 4 Maracas 11-12-2011 12-12-15 AM
Not really from the morning; from late the previous night; I enjoyed my maracas