Pets on canvas

I finally used my credit for five 16×20 canvas prints from which operates locally out of Apex. I had already had one previous canvas of Herman and Aremid together. I spent awhile trying to figure out how I’d arrange these six prints. Two rows of three is what I had planned for months. Ultimately, I realized that one just didn’t fit.

So these five are together:


Aremid gets the most wall-space, and the prints are arranged in a sort-of symmmetry: Aremid-Zellouisa-Herman-Aremid-Zellouisa-Herman-Aremid.

And Mr. F gets his own corner:




I have had a whole bunch of photos from the mid-to-late-90’s scanned. The photos had been boxed up for years. I previously have only had a couple of pictures of the cats from their first couple of years. Now I’ve got several dozen, including a few from mid-May 1996 when I first got Aremid. I had not recalled him being a kitten, but photographically evidence bears out that he was a bit kitten-like.

Not of the highest quality, obviously. However, Aremid didn’t look much different between, say 1997 and 2007, so discovering these means a lot to me.

Aremid & Me (2011.02.18)

Yes, I still miss my cat. And back in February 2011, I was recovering from my first nephrectomy, and I had just gotten my new camera, and I was taking a ton of pictures, many of which I uploaded to Flickr. But there were many I hadn’t. And, yes, I basically I had a photo session with Aremid, who, himself, was not doing so well, having begun his decline which would basically last for a year-and-a-half.

Yes, he had food on his nose, and I didn’t realize it for weeks until my vet told me.

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 (5-cin)

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 2

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 (3)

Instagram 12 for ’12

I’ve been spending some time organizing my Flickr photos, as I’m committed to Flickr as a photo repository for the foreseeable future. I don’t get terribly worked up over privacy issues, but the recent brouhaha over Instagram’s privacy policy did cause me to ponder whether I really need the service as an option for photo-sharing. I’ve only taken a few dozen Instagram photos. Occasionally, a filter adds something. Ok, I admit, sometimes a filter adds a lot because the original is bland.

But I share photos I want to share via Facebook and my blog, and it’s instant enough. I feel constrained by the square format. I’m not part of an Instagram social network. I don’t need to make a statement by killing my account, but I did just use Instarchive to grab my Instagram photos so I can get them up to Flickr. I have probably posted many of these on the blog already. But, as I have time to kill, and I hate when I spend time to create a meaningful image and then never share it, I shall post a top of my 2012 Instagram photos. I will stick this post in the photography category even though I recognize how many would sneer at that association.

1st Instagram
Last night with Aremid

Aremid last time on perch
Zellouisa sleep
Zellouisa transfixed

Z on her back
Herman bath

Herman 1st time at dog park
Herman peeking

Mr. Featherbottom’s bottom
Pile of Mr. Featherbottom


Healer VIII
During this round of illness, I’ve been missing the one thing that comforted me the most–Aremid. He was a reliable security blanket in all sorts of rough times. I could always count on him to curl up right up again me, or to drape his front paws over my arms or my chest. Sometimes, I would have to go grab him from somewhere else, but he almost always stayed put wherever I placed him. He was the best.

My other cat, no matter how much I love her, will never do these things. It’s not in her nature, not after spending 15 years as the second cat who always saw Aremid getting my initial attention. I think she learned to stay out of the way. She’ll lie on the bed a foot away, but she doesn’t cuddle. She wants to be left alone.

The grainy photo above is what I call “Healer VIII”, part of a series of poor-quality but meaningful photos to me of Aremid being there for me during times of healing. This one was taken three weeks after my transplant surgery.

I found some pictures from last August that I hadn’t gotten off my laptop and onto Flickr. There are three other similar ones. I’ll just post one here.

2011-08-23 Aremid (1)

205. Carole King • Anyone At All

When I can’t find a Top 379 song on YouTube, I’m left scrambling for a video. This isn’t the most appropriate song for Aremid, and this is not an official memorial video (pics were quickly dumped from a 2010 album). But it’s an Aremid video, and I like the song, and it’s also fitting because the song is from You’ve Got Mail which was a Nora Ephron film.

Another day, another cat picture

It’s not my intention to post a picture of Aremid every other day. I’m not in perpetual mourning. Nor have I yet taken an adequate amount of time to pore through all the photos I have and take stock of his 16 years. I wish I could just take A DAY to mourn my cat. You probably think I have because of the posts I’ve made here. But I haven’t. Life begets plenty of other pressing problems.

Tonight, I was going to start going through photos. I wanted to pick out some favorites for a little project. And I wanted to enhance and/or crop ones that I may have previously not tried to do anything with. Unfortunately, I found myself sucked into a vortex of hate for Flickr, which has been my repository of choice for about six years, I think. Flickr is inadequate in so many ways I won’t go into it. But instead of going through photos, I was sidetracked by trying to figure out, in vain, how to best download my Flickr photos.

ANYWAY…within the very first photos, I noticed this one, and I think of it as Aremid’s happiest time. There were a few brief weeks in this new apartment in Durham when I wasn’t out of town training for a new job and prior to getting Zellouisa. I just love this picture.

Aremid on the balcony (Summer 1997) (2012 edit)
Summer 1997

I’ve been looking at some other photos from his early years, and there are so many great shots, much better than this…I can’t post every time I see some great shot…I’ll put together the best ones, put them out in a few posts, and that’ll be that.