Just sleeping pets

Off to Charlotte for a triple-header of renal excitement. Then off to North Myrtle Beach for mini golf and Nook reading on the beach (with umbrella and plenty of sunscreen so I don’t get the melanoma I am at even higher risk of getting on top of mole-prone skin).

Back Sunday, so I leave you some pics of the animals.

Hey, is anyone planning on going to Tulum, Mexico in November? If so (assuming you are aware of what I’m talking about), let me know. I’m close to pulling the trigger. I’ve never used my passport. With the dearth of plans for Life 2.0, using that passport should be on the bucket list. Oh, how I lament the inclusion of the term “bucket list” into our discourse.

Zellouisa (5) 2011.08.15

Herman daze (2) 2011.08.15

Aremid (2) 2011.08.15



I should provide a brief kidney update. The biopsy was relatively painless. The results were negative for any signs of rejection. This is good news. I consider it to be worrisome news that my creatinine remains around 2.25. My doctor doesn’t want to make any changes. Only.if my creatinine remains elevated for another six weeks will he want to change my meds. That would mean starting on the dreaded prednisone. By some measures, I may be doing well. I still feel like I am in limbo, far from being out of the woods.

Tangential problem I will try to have addressed next week–my AV fistula continues to grow on my upper arm, and the super vein is causing much discomfort. I’ll have the vascular surgeon take a look next week.


Not good. My creatinine is back up, to 2.59. That’s a bit higher than the 2.1-2.2 it had stabilized at prior to last week’s dip to 1.9.  So, I’ll be headed to Charlotte for a biopsy, after all. That will happen on Thursday, and I should know Friday what’s going on.

I hope I’ve merely injured it by moving around too much. I had briefly begun to feel better a couple of weeks ago, but my pain levels have since gone up. It hasn’t been around the incision itself; the kidney feels sore.

Three more days in limbo.




My creatinine is 1.9 as of yesterday. It’s under 2.0, so no biopsy for me!

But I’m still going to head out of Dirty Derm tonight, take a one-night vacation, to an undisclosed location, and celebrate my improving kidney function.

Rejection scare #1

Something like half of all kidney transplant patients will experience some sort of rejection episode within the first few months. I’m not sure this qualifies as an “episode”. In three plus weeks of lab results, my creatinine simply hasn’t come down to where it needs to be (it has stabilized between 2.1 and 2.2). The kidney is not functioning optimally (maybe 45-55%). I will probably have to have a biopsy on it next week. That this is fairly standard is of little comfort. I am beyond afraid that something is terribly wrong. I won’t know if my fear is justified for another four or five days.

I did get some reassuring information from my friend and fellow PKD/transplant patient Rob. The doctors and nurses have been telling to me to drink lots of fluids–2-3 liters a day. I suspect I haven’t actually been doing this, as 2-3 liters is bloating and almost nauseating when you are engaging in limited physical activities. So I’ll try harder. I’ll get some more bloodwork done Monday which they’ll know the results of by Tuesday, and I am hoping these results allow for the biopsy, now scheduled for Wednesday, to be canceled.


I would call them “idiots” but I don’t want to insult all the individuals associated with D. Kidney Transplant. Their processes just represent sheer idiocy.

The purpose of this letter is to notify you that as of June 28, 2011 you have been removed from the Kidney transplant list at (D.)

The Transplant Selection Committee has reviewed your case and it is the committee’s decision that you no longer meet our program selection criteria as a candidate due to received a kidney transplant at (C.) If your situation should improve, please have your dialysis unit refer you to our program again.

If my situation should improve?


Or, at least, Word template FAIL.

I just started opening my three weeks of mail. I think I’ll take a break.


It’s been an interesting 19 days. Back home now, +1 kidney.

Home now. Pets happy to see me. Blurry pics to cell phone pics to commemorate the occasion:

Zellouisa 2011.07.15

Aremid 2011.07.15

Herman 2011.07.15

Kidney update

I haven’t posted in awhile. There are new folks reading this. I think I’m self-conscious about what I say, which happens every other week or so…

A summary of how the new kidney is doing:

  • I’ll head back to Durham on Friday; I won’t drive myself; this is 1-2 weeks sooner than I originally though I’d be able to go home, so it was welcome news to hear from the docs that I could go home
  • I still need to head back to Charlotte next week and then every week or two for a little while to have follow-up visits with the Carolinas Medical Center nephrologists
  • Eventually, my care will transfer to the D nephs
  • Pain is still an issue, though, as with most surgeries, this is normal and should eventually subside
  • There are some side effects from meds, but they’re not nearly as bad as they could be
  • My creatinine has stabilized at 2.3, which is too high (but much, much lower than it was two weeks ago); this is likely due to too much Prograf (one of tow main anti-rejection drugs that I’ll take forever); decreasing the Prograf should lower my creatinine; perhaps it will be at healthy-kidney levels when my bloodwork is redone next week
  • I’m down 20 pounds from what I weighed when I left the hospital 12 days ago; the first 10 pounds left me within 24 hours; there had been lots of saline pumped into me during my stay; the second 10 pounds were likely due to a combination of me not eating so much and me having not let the dialysis clinic take off all the fluid that could have come off; so, I’ve really lost about 10 pounds since going in for the surgery
  • Two days until I see Herman, Aremid, and Zellouisa again; it will have been 18 days since I’ve seen them; it will be the longest I have done without seeing Aremid; it will have been the longest I’ve gone without seeing A & Z since a business trip to Hawaii back in February 1999.