I’ll just record some thought for posterity.

North Carolina IS the backwards, ignorant cess pool of stupidity that people from more civilized places have always said it is.

I’ve never been ashamed to live in this state. I am tonight.

Most of the people who voted for the amendment have no idea what they’ve just done. And that’s not my fault or your fault for not educating them. At some point, we have to have some faith in each other. At least, I would like to think that. But that’s incredibly ignorant and stupid, isn’t it?

I truly admire activists who never give up the fight for progressive change. I cannot be such an activist. That requires a speck of optimism in humanity.

Am I being a bit harsh?

Nope, this is what I want to say for posterity, which is no less harsh than what the majority of voters of North Carolina just did today. They will be far more embarrassed in the years to come than I will be by anything I write tonight.

And this doesn’t even directly impact me. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have your fellow citizens decide that you do not have the right to the family you want.


Why You Should Vote AGAINST Amendment One

I should have done this during early voting. But if you haven’t voted yet, and you either don’t plan to vote today or don’t know why you should be voting AGAINST Amendment One, here’s why:

  • The rights of ALL UNMARRIED COUPLES will be restricted
  • Discrimination will be embedded in the state constitution, reminiscent of the 1875 amendment that passed to ban interracial marriage
  • Health insurance access to unmarried couples and their children will be restricted
  • Domestic violence protections for unmarried couples for will jeopardized
  • No civil unions will not be a possibility; again, domestic partnerships other than heterosexual marriages will have zero recognition under state law
  • The state’s economy will suffer; businesses that value diversity and equal rights for employees will not relocate to N.C.
I have friends who have been happily partnered for many years. They long to be parents. They are in the process of adopting. North Carolina will allow them to adopt, and they’ll be terrific parents. However, if the amendment passed, only one of them will have the right to legally be the child’s parent. This is ridiculous, it’s terrible for children, and it will be the law, unless a majority of voters vote against the amendment tomorrow.
I’ve said my peace. May my state do the right thing tomorrow.

Vote AGAINST N.C. Amendment 1

Amendment One is not merely “the gay marriage amendment”. But the impetus for the amendment, its sponsors will tell you, is the word of God, and God’s condemnation of homosexuality.

I don’t study the Bible. Fortunately, President Bartlet does.

For the four people reading this who aren’t voting AGAINST N.C. Amendment 1

That’s just an arbitrary number. It may be somewhere between zero and five. And you may not necessarily be planning to vote for Amendment 1. You may just not be planning to vote. (And I’m just referring to those reading this who live in North Carolina.) This post may not change your mind. I’ll post something else later that might. But I saw this and thought this guy Zach Wahls is a great spokesperson for why The Amendment is bad. It is NOT “the marriage amendment”, by the way. Remember, same-sex marriage is already illegal in North Carolina. The Amendment will potentially deny all unmarried couples rights that they may currently enjoy. Well, more on that in another post. Just watch this.

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Zach Wahls
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John Owens for Durham County Commissioner

I am wading into local politics for the first time in a few years, and I would appreciate it if you could take a minute to visit Team Owens, the page for Durham County Commissioner candidate John Owens.

I have known John since he moved to Durham. He is intelligent and well-educated on the issues facing Durham. He is young, but politically experienced. The average age of a Durham County Commissioner is roughly 60, and we need fresh leadership. John came to Durham because, of all the places coast-to-coast, he felt this was the right place to raise his family. He is not an establishment candidate. He may be the most progressive candidate, but he is also thoughtul and takes a nuanced approach to complicated issues.

I think he’ll make Durham proud as a great County Commissioner.

Succumbing to local discount fever

On a metablogging note, I’m currently in an uninhibited mood that’s probably fueled by the prednisone. I could post anything that’s on my mind. I mean, normally I would not post about a range. (Sure you would.)

Anyway, as I had gone through my company’s corporate perks site to make my range purchase at (this will probably net me about $15), I decided to check out the local restaurant deals.

Now, I had looked at these before and didn’t fall for the deals of $25 gift certificates for $2. The catch is always something akin to making a minimum purchase of double the gift certificate amount or ordering two entrees. So, for example, you can get a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant for $4, but you have to spend $100, so you’re saving $46 on a $100+ dinner that you probably would never have had otherwise. However, if it’s a restaurant you’ve really wanted to try, it is still a good deal. Also, you’re only investing $2 or $4, so if you decide to never use it, you’re not out a whole lot of coin.

I am fairly certain I have never used the word “coin” in the context that I just did. It’s the prednisone.

Anyway, so I’ve got what are essentially coupons for Tonali (Mexican), The Palace International (African), and Blu (seafood). I know Blu is great. Did I choose wisely with the other two?

Why I Like Where I Live #13: I’m near Northgate Park

Herman in the Northgate Park hood

I say “#13” as if I’ve been actively compiling list. I haven’t. I had to go back a year-and-a-half to see what number I was at. And they’re mostly random things that I experience once in a blue moon.

There are plenty of great neighborhoods in Durham, and I just happened to have been in Northgate Park this morning. There’s a park called Northgate Park and a neighborhood called Northgate Park. Herman and I had a brief tour of the Northgate Park neighborhood today. We approve. Heck, I’d plan to move there if I weren’t so obsessed with the notion of someday making my current home into something.

Good neighborhood choice, Mary and Enrique.

Anyway, must start exploring more locally (well, more everywhere)

Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #3 New Bike


Back in May 1996, I acquired two expensive but worthwhile items. One was Aremid. I suppose he was worth it; the jury’s still out. Just kidding, Big Baby Aremid.

I also bought a bike. I was living off campus and had a job on campus, maybe less than a mile away. Bike transportation was ideal. Unfortunately, I left my bike unchained for one night, and, after less than a month of ownership, the bike was gone.

I have meant to acquire another bike for several years. More than several years. It’s now 15 years later, and I have a bike again. Nine days ago, Rob helped me pick out the right bike. I know nothing about bicycles, and Rob knows everything, so I trust him. I’ve got a helmet and a lock and a water bottle holder and front and back lights, so I’m all set.

I’m all set other than having not ridden a bike in 15 years. I’ve never really ridden a bike in trafficked areas. I’ve never encountered the steep sort of hills that surround my block in three out of four directions. So the first time I attempted a ride, the few minutes my ride lasted for exhausting. This probably has to do with me being grossly out-of-shape, as well.

I think I’ve got to get the bike to the American Tobacco Trail so I can ride a level surface. At least the worst of the summer heat is behind us; I can’t imagine riding in it. After nine months of riding, perhaps I’ll be up for those conditions.