Worst blogging snafu ever

Who faithfully reads this?  Don’t answer that, please. More than ever, I don’t want to know. In a recent effort to consolidate Google accounts and various account logins, I made a major snafu.

I posted a blog post here that was meant for my private blog. In my private blog, I am completely unfiltered. I say things I wouldn’t even tell my therapist. In fact, my private blog is the best therapist I’ve ever known. It’s written from the perspective that it will never be read by anyone.

And yet, it was out here for three days, unbeknownst to me. I actually don’t know for certain what the potential reactions could be, because I’m not even rereading it. I don’t need the added stress. But I know what the content generally looks like. A few of you read and may have had reactions ranging from “WTF?” to “seriously?” to “what an asshole!” to “wow, that’s incredibly pathetic and sad” to “I can’t believe he has the balls to post this!” That was an accident.

But it happened. It can’t be undone, other than my having now deleted the post.

I had been thinking about how to move forward with this blog. I’m done with job-hunting mode for the first time in a long time, so I was considering posting more frequently on a more diverse set of topics than I’ve been doing in the Bull City Dave era of blogging.

But that now-deleted post…never would I intentionally post something like that. Of course, I’m bringing attention to it now, so perhaps I’ve piqued some curiosity.  But I feel compelled to post this to address those who happened to see the post. I suppose I don’t have anything significant to really say on the matter, since I’m not going to address anything specific one way or another.


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