Some unfocused metablogging

The era of metablogging is deadApparently, metablogging has been dead for a decade. I hadn’t even started a public blog yet, a decade ago. I came across that image because I thought it was important to determine, once and for all, if I should be writing metablogging or meta-blogging. I’ll go with the former. A metablogging I also just came across this an 11-year-old post that outlines the following person blog categories: the introvert blog, the extrovert blog, the job blog, the specialist blog, and the advocacy blog. Guess which one I am?

One of the striking aspects of this genre is the author’s denigration of himself…

Even the author of that posts says one shouldn’t take those categories and definitions too seriously. I do have to wonder if I’d better off without this blog, or, at least, if I weren’t publicizing it. If you’re reading this, and you’re not arriving from Facebook, then you’ve seen a link on my public Twitter feed, which I link to from my website, which, itself, also links to this blog. “I have a blog, here it is.” I suppose my ideal workflow goes something like this:

var x = whatIWillThink(dave,afterReadingBlog);
if ((x.indexOf("creative") > -1) || (x.indexOf("brave") > -1) || (x.indexOf("funny") > -1)) {
console.log("Read Dave's blog");
else {
console.log("Maybe don't read Dave's blog");

I spent way too long coming up with that. I don’t want to care what you think, but, because I haven’t filtered what I’ve carried over from years ago or even the recent past, you could easily stumble upon entry #WXYZ, and that presents me in the worst possible light. And you may be thinking about hiring me. I tell myself that authenticity is valuable to me, but, perhaps, I go too far.

Perhaps, what’s worse is my unfocused metablogging in itself.

I wish I could write about what it’s like to be looking for a job right now, but I think that crosses a line. I wish I could write about what it’s like to wonder if I have a severe case of impostor syndrome or simply don’t know very much, but that crosses a line. I wish I could write about how there are three to five areas I should learn as much as I can about but have been more focused on implementing fixes and enhancements on my pet project that use technologies that don’t seem to be in demand.

I’m proud of myself. I dug in deep to figure out how to generate image thumbnails so that pages load in two seconds instead of twenty. But is that worth anything to anyone else? Again, I actually shouldn’t care.

I should change the subject.

Moksha vines. I keep recording lots of them.


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