Coding error fixed #1: Invalid CSS after ” webkit-image”: expected

Someone suggested I blog about code errors I find solutions for. This will be quick and dirty, because I don’t have time to do this. I offer no context to anyone, purposely.

When trying to compile an old repo via gulp:

Error in plugin 'gulp-ruby-sass'
error /Users/davidhseidman/Documents/TIY/github-contributions/bower_components/bourbon/dist/helpers/_linear-angle-parser.scss (Line 21: Invalid CSS after " webkit-image": expected ")", was ": -webkit- + $p...")

I tried reinstalling bourbon. I tried upgrading gulp-ruby-sass.

Solution: upgrading sass.

sass -v
Sass 3.2.19 (Media Mark)

gem install sass
sass -v
Sass 3.3.10 (Maptastic Maple)


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