2014-06-16 00.48.25 Moksha sleepsI’ve been advised to spent 15 minutes a day writing. I think that’s great advice. But there’s too much to write about, and I know my proclivity for lengthy blog posts.

Week 3 of Iron Yard begins today. I have legitimately been uncharacteristically  positive and confidence theses past couple of weeks. I can objectively say that I’ve been doing well in the program. But this weekend, some self-doubt has creeped it. It’s like I had misplaced it in the wrong drawer and couldn’t find it. I am afraid that do have some of legitimate cognitive impairment that makes learning-by-reading so very difficult. I read 10% of a manual but then get stuck, realizing that I just don’t get it. Learning-by-doing is what I need.

Ok, I’m just staring..must sleep…


Late Sunday night

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