Puncturing internet joy

App/plugin challenge: write an algorithm that removes comments that would otherwise puncture the swell of joy that web post brings. If I ever posted something like that when viral, I wouldn’t have a thick enough skin to not be sickened by the comments. I suppose I’d make sure that a blog post about dogs in photo booths would mark as trash (not spam nor for-revew) that semantically had any text related to Obama, socialists, marxists, or “destroying our country”. Perhaps this would just be an optional setting per-post.

Perhaps such settings already exist in commenting systems, since there need to be anti-profanity and anti-vulgarity filters. I think I want my own browser extension just to make I don’t have peaceful mornings interrupted by internet troll vitriol.  There, I’ll write a browser extension called “AntiPuncture”.  How do I write a browser extension?

So, so, so much work to tackle…always…enforce.

UPDATE: It exists and it’s called, simply enough, CommentBlocker.


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