Grad school Pt. 3

That paper that kicked my ass last weekend…I’m relieved to find that my instructor did find that I strayed off-topic and didn’t directly answer the prompt. 94.

First three weeks of online discussion participation…which I do think I sucked at, but my definition of suck is apparently getting 100.

And then there was the first assignment I got the 100 on.

So I’ve got a 97 going after 3 weeks.

I don’t need to try harder.

Meanwhile, a three-month process which found me looking into a significant employee change came to a conclusion today. There will be no change. To quote a friend, this whole situation was “really f*cking goofy.” Oh, sorry friend, that wasn’t the exact quote. Ive embellished.

One consequence of that goofy situation dragging out for three #*($()*#$ months was that I had to make a decision about grad school without knowing how that goofy situation was going to play out. In light of the goofy’s situation’s resolution, I think I’ve made the right call with this grad school thing…for now.


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