Soundtrack of 2013: Top 25: Part 1

I don’t if this is a precursor to a big year of blogging or not. Last year, I had about 25 posts, but only five in the past six months (I don’t feel like counting). There were another 5 or 6 drafts that I felt too self-conscious to post. I used to have no filter, or, at least, a very thin filter. I don’t know what 2014 holds.

No one cares about the music posts. But, in some way, the soundtrack of 2013 sums up the year FOR ME. I’m not going to get into why a song is part of the Soundtrack of 2013. Perhaps, I’ll get some closure here. I’ll move on past move of these songs.

Now, these are all Spotify songs, meaning almost all of them are songs I first discovered in 2013, though almost none of them are 2013 songs. So almost none of them are part of that Top 379, and represent, generally, a major departure from what’s in that countdown. I have a 50-track playlist on Spotify representing my soundtrack of 2013, but about 20 of those are instrumental tracks from movie scores. Those wouldn’t mean anything to anyone. Of the remaining actual songs, with lyrics, I’ll pick 10 20 22 24 25, and I’ll rank them, because, as you know, I like to rank songs.

Here’s part 1 of 3, because 25 embedded You Tube videos is too much for one post.

25. Gordon McRrae – Oh What a Beautiful Morning

24. Ambrosia Parsley & the Elegant Too – Goodnight Moon

23. Florence + the Machine – All This and Heaven Too

22. Imelda (The Voice of Holland) – Gangsta’s Paradise/Survivor

21. Coldplay – The Scientist

20. Jason Walker ft. Molly Reed – Down

19. Julee Cruise – Into the Night

18. A Fine Frenzy – Hope for the Hopeless

17. Michael Crawford – It Only Take a Moment

_ [9-16] [1-8]


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